Thursday, December 29, 2011

ESL Professor

So this semester I got a job at the Community college as an ESL professor. Ooh-hoo!
NEver mind the fact I haven't even finished my Master's degree. I was teaching college - grown-ups again! Yay! It was a nice break from all those little peanuts I have to teach every day. It's not that I don't like children... it's that some days I just don't want them anywhere near me. Especially when they are sneezing and coughing or breathing funny!
Some day I will quit my job as a school teacher and teach only grown-ups. While this day hasn't arrived, I will suck it up and do my best to get the little munchkins to learn some English...
While the state believes it can tell me what to do, because as everyone knows, I the teacher am the sole responsible for the children's grades. Right? Yeah, right... times have changed, and for worse. Why did I choose to be a school teacher? Oh! Yeah! I did not have a choice. Teaching grown-ups did not happen when I needed it to.
But now it did. I came as an adjunct position for a non-degree program. I was the last one hired. You know what that means... but it's ok. I will just keep my fingers crossed till January 21st when they will tell me whether or not I am coming back this spring semester.