Sunday, October 13, 2013

Evil evil Charlotte

Right outside my house door lives a monster - a huge ugly scary spider my husband refuses to kill, despite my constant begging and crying. He calls her Charlotte and he says she's our friend.
Our friend? I have no friend named Charlotte! I have never had a friend named Charlotte. And if I do ever have a friend named Charlotte, I will have her name changed to Carla.
I once read the story of Charlotte to my students at school. At end I asked them how they felt. So in return they asked me how I feel.
"Me? You don't want to know."
"Come on, Mrs. Winters."
"Fine. I am glad she is dead. I wish she had died before she the chance of making all those babies. If I ever find one of them, I will crush them under my feet. Spiders don't deserve to live."
The kids laughed. The kids of today are not as sensitive as the kids from Charlotte's day I guess.
Then we watched the movie, and I cried like a baby at the end. And the kids were like, "But, Miss, we thought you didn't like spiders!"
"Well, yeah, kids, it's a movie, ok!!!"

Monday, October 07, 2013

Goodbye, goodbye, see you someday.

Whenever September Ends I get one wanting more in the mouth.

The Big E Fair makes me so homesick. Do I miss the fair itself? Not so much. I like going to the fair to see people, see novelties, walk, go on rides (which I haven't yet, because I never remember to bring money for the tickets, and also bc my husband - who is always my date - does not like to go on toys (where's Léa Sylvia at a time like this?)

But the most nostalgic for me is the food.

I wish I could go back two weeks in time and buy one more cheese curd. Just another smoked salmon, plus a lobster sandwich, plus a Maine baked potato, just another little snack ... I miss it!!!