Sunday, March 30, 2014

Everyone should have more sex

I really think everyone should have more sex.

I know, the sex issue is a taboo. But I have to say it. I think everyone should have more sex, because sex is so good. Why don't we encourage people to have more sex? It is healthy, it is good, and it is fun.
Instead we make it sound dirty, shameful and dangerous to your heart.

Do you know why? Because from a religious perspective (I say religious, bc I know it is not only Christianity that claims that sex is a right of married people), to have sex, people should be married. Why don't we encourage everyone to get married? Because if we encourage people to get married just so they can have sex, we might be encouraging irresponsible jump-in marriages which, in today's no-one-takes-responsibility-for-anything society, means we are encouraging the growth of divorce.

Well, if you are religious however, think with me - what is wrong with encouraging people to get married just so they can have sex? Isnt'it better than telling people to hold it and then risking them having sex out of wedlock, with one, two, three, 10, 20 people? Telling them to wait till they are 25 or till they have a PhD or a lamborghini sitting in their driveways is dangerous? Why? Because, I am sorry, but, asking someone on fire to wait 10 or 20 more years to put it out is a bit mean - they might just bot be able to hold it for that long.

Yes, society today makes divorce way too easy, but it is your responsibility to stay married. I think it is easier to stay married than to stay virgin.

God created sex, and the thing is good as h... wait, no, not hell. It is f-ing good, literally. God would not create something that good and have us wait halfway through our sexually mature days to use it. And if God created and God put the desire in us, it is only natural that it is so hard to resist.

Of course, I am not saying that so you can encourage your 15-year-old daughter to marry her dead-end loser  boyfriend just so they can have sex. That is not what I am talking about. Don't marry an idiot just because he is hot. I'm talking about meeting someone nice, and not waiting 10 or 15 years until you are both ready (finances, education, all that crap). I'm talking about getting married and getting busy. And also getting out of your parents' house, because they are not really interested in listening to your love-making every night and washing your bedding covered in that goo that comes out afterwards. I know I wouldn't be.

And if you are married, why in the world are you sitting here reading this post? This is why all these marriages end up in divorce - people are too busy doing things other than sex.

Come one, go on, get busy with the hot stuff that you married.
What are you still doing here? GO! NOW!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My apologies, but Stop apologizing!

I am so tired of everyone apologizing for everything.

The latest thing I have seen was Steve Martin - a comedian - apologized for a racist comment when he joked about the spelling of a word depending on where in NYC one is (implying of course, a difference between black and Italian populations)

Someone wrote, "Is this how you spell lasonia?"
Martin replied, "It depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant."

People got offended and he came out apologizing.
WEEK OF APOLOGIES - This Video shows it all.

Stop! Stop apologizing. Goodness gracious!

Don't apologize for a joke about stereotypes.

Don't apologize for a joke about Romney's grandchild either.

Now, yeah, if you make a joke about not getting aids for being white, and you work for an HR company, then your words are actually representing your company. In this case, I am afraid you might get rightfully fired.

But don't apologize for having more whites than blacks in your show (that was Jerry Seinfeld - and by the way, he didn't apologize. He made sure he pointed out this is not the census. I love Seinfeld!)

Stop apologizing, people.

If you are a comedian - it is your job to make fun of stereotypes. I don't like when they make jokes with Christians. I don't like it and I don't demand an apology. I just don't like it. I will wait for the next joke, something about Muslims or blondes.

If you're not a comedian, you still have the right speak your mind. And if people don't like it they, wil have to live with it.

But, if you write a poem slandering someone because of their expressing their opinion, then that is okay. Slandering people, calling people names, because you don't agree with their views, that is okay.

Uh, things are a little messed up here. Actually, slander is not covered by the freedom of speech amendment.

That guy from Duck Dinasty got hammered because he said a man's anus was not as good as a women's vagina. Yes, that is freedom of speech.
Also because he said that his Bible, from his religion (which is widely available to anyone in the US), says that homosexuals, people who commit bestiality, and others are going to hell. He didn't even make that up. It is not even his opinion. It's the religion he subscribes too. Last time I checked it was still free to subscribe to a religion in America.

He didn't even suggest we should do something bad to those people - which by the way is not covered by the freedom of speech amendment.

Come on, people. Let's wake up.

It's time everyone calms down and relax. People are entitled to their opinions, especially people that make a living poking fun at other people.

I really wish everyone would stop apologizing.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Irish time

A couple of times this winter I had the pleasure of having my husband home with me due to snow storms. His boss just told him to work from home that day.
Stay home on a snow day? If you're not a teacher that is kind of a big deal. The show must go on - with or without snow. The market can't stop.

It can't?

Why? Why can't we take it easy on a stormy day and stay home and take care of our driveways and not risk getting into an accident on the highway? Why can't we take it easy and close down on that day?
Oh, yes. That's right. It's because we will not make as much money.

Last year, when we were in Ireland we are majorly disturbed by the stores closing time. By five, six in the evening they were closing up for the day. On Sundays we saw almost nothing open.
True we were not on majorly touristy areas,  but we did go to a beach site, with souvenir stores and every thing.  It was a town called NewCastle. We were there on the day Price George was born. It was 5 pm and the sun shone bright in the sky.

and look at the stores:

No we didn't take that picture. That one is from google maps. Which is funny, because we took one that looks exactly like it. It took it at 5:30 in the afternoon, on a midsummer's day.

Yeah, wow. Those people sure don't care about making money. No wonder Ireland is so far behind America.

However - Really? Is making money really that much more important?

Those employers and employees are now free to go live their lives. They can go home to their families, spend time with their lovers, go watch the sunset at the beach, or even go do some studying  catch up on homework - instead of doing it at 2 am.

Do we really have to be the most succesful country on earth at the cost of spending extra hours with those we love?

One of the top 10 regrets of people at the end of their lives is "have worked to much". Do I want to wake up in my death bed someday and realize I spent most of my time going after something that didn't really matter? Something that didn't give me pleasure?

We only have one life to live. And so do the people we love. We control so many things, that we think we can control time. We will always have "later" and "some other day". No we won't. We don't know if we will wake up tomorrow. We don't know if we will ever see that special person again. We don't.

"We spend all of our lives dreaming, to wake up only at the end. And the truth was so different, and now there is no more time." (Racionais MCs)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

After we lose

They say we only realize how happy we were when we aren't anymore.
But does it have to be like this? Actually, no, it doesn't. We can live each day as if it were the happiest. We can think of every moment as the best one we've had. And we can view each opportunity to do something fun as maybe the last one we have to be happy.I guess the secret is to have those you love near you, and to love them back.
I guess even when we are hurting we can still do that.
My husband just recently lost his grandfather. It was a hard time for the whole family, and I would certainly not suggest that we go around laughing and singing. But they all came together to mourn, console and remember good times. Yes, it was a time to cry, because it was the end of a era - a happy one, and maybe didn't even know it. But each of them could find comfort in the fact that they had each other.
So, yes, I guess that was the end of a happy time, but a new one will start the next day. Life goes on, and opportunities to be happy will come around everyday, every moment. As long as we have those we love by our side, we can always be happier than what we were yesterday. I guess all we have to do is remember that today can be the happiest day of the rest of our lives - as long as we have those we love near us.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

- DIVORCE by Arnaldo Jabor

 - My friends who are divorced never cease to ask me how I managed to stay married 30 years to the same woman. Ever more evil,  women do not ask my wife how she manages to stay married to the same man, but how she manages to stay married to me. The ones asking the right questions are the youth. They want to know the secret to keeping a marriage for so long. Nobody teaches it in schools. I'm no expert in the field, as everyone knows, but that said, my answer is more or less the following:

Nowadays divorce is inevitable, you can not escape it. Nobody can stand living with the same person for the rest of one's life. I'm actually already on my third marriage - the only difference is that I am married three times to the same woman. My wife, if I'm not mistaken is in her fifth because she thought about picking up her bags more often than I have. The secret of marriage is not eternal harmony. After the inevitable turmoils, the solution is to ponder, calm down and start again with the same woman. The secret is to renew your marriage, and not seek new marriage.  

This requires some considerations that are forgotten in the day-to-day life as a couple. From time to time, it is necessary to renew the relationship. From time to time it is necessary to start dating again, go back to courting, seduce and be seduced. How long has it been you haven't gone dancing? How long haven't you tried to conquer your pair as a potential suitor? How long has it been you haven't gone on a honeymoon - a honeymoon without children eternally struggling to get your unrestricted attention? Not to mention the countless pounds which have been added to you after the wedding. Wife and husband lose 20lb in one month after being separated, why you can not achieve the same while together? Pretend this is your new affair. If it were a new marriage, you certainly would attend new and unknown places, move homes, renew your wardrobe, CDs, haircut, makeup. But all this can be done without you separating from your spouse. 

 Let's be honest: no one can stand the same woman and the same husband for thirty years with the same clothes, the same lipstick, the same friends, with the same jokes. Often it is not your wife who is getting boring and musty, it is you and your furniture with the same faded decor. If you divorce, you'd certainly change it all , which is just one of the pleasures of separation. Those who separate delight themselves with a new life, a new house, a new neighborhood, a new circle of friends.  

You don't need an ugly divorce to have it all. Just switch places and interests and do not get comfortable. This is obviously expensive and many marriages fall apart because the couple refuses to pay these small costs required to renewing a marriage. But if you separate, your new spouse will want young children, new furniture, new clothes and you still have the child support from a previous marriage.  

There is no such thing as "stable marriage" nor should it be desired. The world changes, and so do you, your husband, your wife, your neighborhood and your friends. The best strategy to save a marriage is not maintaining a "stable relationship", but knowing how to change along. Every spouse needs to evolve, learn, improve themselves, get involved in things that one would have never thought of doing in the beginning of marriage. You do it constantly at work, why not do it in one's own family? It's what your kids do since they came into the world. So discover the young woman or young man who lives by your side, instead of going around trying to find an interesting new match. I'm sure your children will have respect for your decision to stay together and learn the important lesson of how to grow and evolve together despite disagreements. Quarrels and turmoils will always occur: so occasionally you need to get married again, but try to do it always with the same match. You see, THERE IS NO MAGIC - THERE IS COMMITMENT , COMMITMENT AND WORK - this is what saves marriages and families." Source : Arnaldo Jabor Quotes .