Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woman vs Cat

Day 1
Decided to attempt putting that baby gate thing on the door.
Directions called for tools and holes on the door frame. But, as I thought, the gate was up and firmly held with no tools or holes on the wall.
Cat was a bit freaked out about it.
Husband guessed Cat would jump right over it.

Day 2
Cat didn't try to jump.
By 1 the morning she made a fuss about it, crying and whining.
At around 1:30, husband gave in and let cat in the room.
Tonight,  husband will not be sleeping at home. I will try it alone.

Day 3
This cat is a f***ing psycho! She whined all f***ing night.
You'd think she'd give up and sleep on the bed I've set by the door. Wrong! It was 7 am and she kept on whining! Weirdo! Wacko! Psycho!
Now she is fast asleep on the living room couch. Getting rested to haunt me tonight, I suppose.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

tech clueless

A friend from work  seems to think I am some sort of techonology genius. That is because I am always helping her figure out some tech glitch in her iPhone or computer ...
The thing is: Most times I have no idea what I have done...
She goes like, "Wow! How on earth did you do that?"
I look back at her with a blank stare ... "I just moved my finger around."
Truth is, I get a lot of things done in the computer, but most of the times, if you ask me how I did it, I will have to say I have not a blipping clue.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Is this a made-up word?
Sorry, maybe it is, but that is what I call what I have.
And how relieved I was this past trip to Brazil when I noticed that grandma has a little bit of it too. So does my best friend Lua.

You can tell when someone has it: 
They stop and hesitate right before going on the escalator, 
they evaluate when to take the first step carefully,
 and, upon nearing the end of the trip, 
they focus all their attention on the exiting process.

Once when I was little, I was at the mall with mom, and, out of the blue, I froze at the top of the escalator. Mom took off and I froze. 
My brain was going like:   "How again do I do this?"   While I stood at the top and ... began to cry.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

ADHD is a pain

It is frustrating to realize that you're talking to someone and have no idea what the person is saying, not because you do not remember, but because something she said made ​​your mind travel to Mars.

Luana always used to complain that I never paid attention when she talked to me. But, yes, I did ... for about 30 seconds. Then I flew away.
"Vika! Pay attention!"
"Hi! Paying attention, dammit!"
But, really, Luana can spit more words per second than I can ... No son of God can handle that.

It is also frustrating to read a book and go back to the top of the page a thousand times. Because you read everything not paying attention to anything - or paying attention to everything, even the thing which is not there, but found its way into your imagination while your eyes saw the words in the book.

Welcome to my world.

Always wondered how all my classmates knew about the science fair, except for me? "When did Ms. say that? Where was my mind?"

And everyone went crazy whenever I changed the subject all the time? Went crazy? My husband would put this verb in the present.

Self-diagnosed? Yes, but I'm almost 100% sure I have ADHD.