Thursday, July 21, 2016

Before you have kids

So before you have little mobile babies in the house, you simply don't understand certain things. For example, I thought I was having a baby, not a home inspector. 
Alexandra gets into everything she opens every drawer she touches everything she puts everything in her mouth. A couple of nights ago she was looking under the carpets! I had no idea it to get so dirty under my carpets!
I also had no idea how many places in my house had spider webs. Well, they don't anymore. I vacuum early and often now. 
Holy cow, I thought I was a clean housewife. 
Also, where was my mind when I refused a baby gate "because I already have plenty"? There's no such a thing as plenty baby gates!!!!
I'm noticing I have no idea were baby safety locks. I always wondered why the heck people need baby safety locks why can't you just keep an eye on the baby? Well, newsflash, there's no such a thing as keeping an eye when the baby when the baby is mobile. No safety locks are enough. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

I’ll keep my Redbull, thank you!

Btw!!! Everyone be like, mimimi, you can't have caffeine while pregnant, mimimi! Guess what! I can have up to 200mg of caffeine a day!!! While preggo and while breastfeeding!!! A large sized redbull (16 oz!) has 150mg of caffeine! So guess what! I KEEP MY REDBULL! YOU KEEP YOUR MIMIMI! 😛 😛

New class

Every time I register for a new class I get butterflies in my stomach. And I think, "what am I doing? I'm too old to learn anything!" 

Does it sound crazy?... Am I the only one who feels that way?

Into a million pieces

The only reason babies survive their first year is that they are too cute. 
Little Alexandra managed to pull down and break into a million pieces the lamp we bought last year. Dean and I had spent 7 years looking for one of those lamps bc they don't make them anymore. 

7 years... Into a million pieces... Into the trash can. 

And here I am thinking I'm just glad the destroyer isn't hurt. 

Alex and Alex

I will have Alexandra marry Alexander. 

I actually mean George Alexander Louis...

You know, Prince of Cambridge. 

I still have to give my good friend Kate a call to make the final arrangements. As in, will she have to go to manners school? Do I have to kill off the loonies in my family? Etc etc etc. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Catch 22 - wait or not to wait

It kind of bugs me that I waited so long to have children. 

Dean and I had so much fun together - just us. The idea of children/responsibility terrified me. 

But I'm sad that that will make us pretty old grandparents. If my kids follow my example I'll be a 72 year old grandmother. :-( if I even last that much!!! 

Monday, July 04, 2016

Sad Fourth

It's a sad way to begin Independence Day - finding your strongest rooster killed by a hawk. Dean thinks he sacrificed himself for the chickens.