Wednesday, April 20, 2011

gotta love roller coasters

Ok, so who in their right state of mind doesn't love roller coasters?
I mean, what's not to love?
The growing expectation on the slow way up, the freedom of the first and most deadly fall...
and the funny feeling in your stomach.

Are you sitting there thinking, "does she spend the whole winter dreaming of roller coasters?"

Yes!!! Yes, you got it!!! I spend the whole winter waiting for Six Flags to open and when it does, I am there! I am right there! First one in line for the Bizarro, and then the Scream, my two favorite rides.

Actually I think Scream might be even better than Bizarro. Why do I say such a heresy, you ask?

Very simple, my friend, very very simple - It's a scream on the way up, and another on the way down. It shoots you up, it holds up for a second, then it drops you down.

Follow the sequence with me: Scream first shoots you up in the sky, just like that, while you are just there, going ladi-lada-laaaah, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. It just catches you by surprise and shoots ya up in the air. Your voice? Ha! Your voice's gone bye bye! Your stomach? You wonder if you left it down at ground level, because it feels like your insides hold nothing but cold air. Then the thing holds you up there for a few seconds, just enough time for you to realize how freakishly high that thing is. Yeah, look around, my love! Good view of the park, ain't it? As you are beginning to enjoy the view though, it drops you down. And then you think maybe your stomach is playing catch with you, because now you wonder if it stayed up there.

Ok, it's terrifying! Which in my language means, "It's freaking awesome!"

Life is hard ... for those who are soft

No, I do not have time to write on my blog today. I don't. And that's just it.
I have too much homework to do, and I have a doctor's appointment at 3. However, I am a procrastinator by nature, and when ideas come to my mind I must write them down, so everything gets pushed for later - well, not everything, usually homework.

Homework is so so boring, that I honestly feel for my students every time I send homework their way. But, hey, it's life. And life is hard, said a friend of mine, to those who are soft. Better get that homework done.

But before that, let's write on this blog. So life is hard, eh. So times are tough. So what? So maybe this is the end of the world. The end the Bible talks about. And maybe it is. Everything seems to be crumbling, everything seems to be falling apart.

(You're wondering if I believe all of that fairy tale about the end of the world and the second coming of Christ. Well, if you still don't know that I am a Biblical Christian, then the answer is yes, I believe that fairy tale story. So if you'd like you can stop reading right now and miss out on the rest of the fun.)

But what if it is not the end of the world? I mean, 2000 years later! Seems like the perfect timing, right? Yeah, right. From a human point of view, duh. Just don't forget we are talking about a universe created by a being that is not human. And His logic is not ours.

Times a tough? You think they have never been tougher? So tell me about the time in which Christians were fed to lions. Or about the time in which the plague almost decimated the European population. Or look at African history and how their prisoners of war were sold into slavery and brought to the Americas in the slave ships. Could things get any worse?

Times are hard for us who became soft thanks to the comforts of modern life. Yes, it could be much worse. And yes, we could come around.

Could this be the end? Yes, it could. But it could be just another cycle. In the end only God knows.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More on John Lennon

It is really hard to convince people who know I am a Beatles fan, that I did not marry Dean because he looks like a Beatle. Really really hard.

The other day, at Ocean State, the cashier called him John Lennon. She said she's been wanting to say that for a long time, every time she sees him at the store. And we go there a lot.

A few weeks ago, when my car broke down and Dean went to pick me up at work, my co-workers were like, “Can I have an autograph?”

Seriously, it is hard to make people believe that this is not intentional. I did not marry Dean because I thought he looked like a Beatle, even though I thought he was cute. I married him because he was a nice boyfriend, so I figured he'd make a nice husband.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One reason why I am awesome

Do you need a reason to believe I am awesome other than the simple fact that I am Vika Winters? Well, my only fault is to have a hard time acknowledging my own faults.

But if you still need a reason why I am the best thing since sliced bread, listen to that – I pretty much succeed at every freaking thing I do.

I went and took that MTEL History test, mostly American history, without having studied, and I passed.

And do you really think I will not pass the General Curriculum MTEL just because a large amount of people take that test one bugillion times? Think again? I will pass – first try.

How do I know I will pass? Simple. Because I am Vika. And I am a Souza. And everyone in the Souza Family is good at what they do. Period.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Young girl kissing Old man in the six o'clock novela Araguaia! Ewww!!!!!!

How does a young girl like Aspásia, waiting for Prince Charming, ends up kissing Genão!!! Disgusting!!! She's in her early twenties!!! He's like 60 or 70!!! Oh! Gee! I don't want an old man kissing me!!! Not me! Not me! Not me!

When I said that to Dean, he giggled, “But you'd want to kiss Paul McCartney!”

“But, but, but,” said I a little unsure of my next argument. But then I knew it! “Paul McCartney is different! See …” and I began to detail the list of differences between my kissing Paul and Aspásia kissing Genão:

“1st– I'd kiss Paul one single time. Never again. I do not intend to kiss him for the rest of my lifetime (or probably his). Aspásia plans on kissing Genão for the rest of … his life, right! Ewww!!!

“2nd – I am not planning on going to bed with Paul McCartney. Aspásia certainly is going to end up in bed with Genão! Eww!!!

“3rd – I'd only kiss Paul out of curiosity. Because, after all, I have always wanted to know what kissing Paul McCartney feels like. Aspásia kissed Genão because she is in love. Eww!!!

“Moral of the story: no old man kissing my lips!!!”

“But what when I get old?” My honorable husband asks, “Will you leave me for a young guy, just because you won't kiss old men?”

Oh, dear! I thought!

“I will be older too! Isn't that how Paul McCartney's song goes? Of course I am not even going to look old, and all the young guys will fall in love with baby here. But I will only have eyes and lips for one person in my life. Moral of the story – old people kiss old people!”

Friday, April 08, 2011

Territorialist? Yes, and proud of it! No one talks trash about my own. Only me.

My brother and my best best friend fell in love with São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, respectively.

Consequently, falling out of love with my Bahia.

And, I grant you both, as son and daughter of Bahia, the right to fall in love with other parts of the country, I must say that, despite all our faults, I'm still siding with Bahia. I'm territorialist, yes. And proud of it.

I am sorry to say the baiano people has very little resemblance to the concept of perfect. But they're mine. And no one talks trash about my own. Only me.

So here's the deal:

  • In spite of all its faults, its dirty, unkempt looks, Bahia is beautiful. Please do not say such absurd as “Rio is so much more beautiful than Bahia” because that is a BIG FAT LIE! And I tell you that with all the love a best friend could. I understand taste is personal, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so you can keep your opinions about the degree of beauty of such post-card spots, however, when it comes to number of beautiful places to see, Bahia beats Rio so bad, it doesn't even feel like a fair match.

  • In spite of all its faults, Bahia has produced genial minds, actors, poets, writers, musicians, abolitionists that are revered in Brasil and in the world. Please do not address the fact that São Paulo is so much more cultured than Bahia, because their culture is nothing more than a sample of all we can give them. You must not forget where Rui Barbosa, world-wide renown philosopher, politician, statesman, came from. … Baiano.

  • In spite of all the lack of manners and all the ignorance and all the ingratitude, beauty, intelligence and artistic spirit grow in Bahia like weed.

And that the baiano excels in everything he does, it is a given. No, no one is like us. No place is like ours. Please spare your comments.