Sunday, February 23, 2014

Politics is not something to be discussed

They convinced the sucker that politics is not to be discussed. And so the corrupts and crooks have taken over the government and stolen all his money, have made ​​absurd laws and ignored just laws, and left the sucker without a penny, in a country where no one wants to be a politician, because politician is synonymous with crook. 

Sucker indeed. Human beings are political beings for as long as they have resolved to live in society. The fate of the human being who does not discuss or is interested in politics is to be controlled by those who are interested. 

Politics should be discussed. Politics is to be lived. For politics you'll even die in the pursuit of a just society . If you do not discuss politics, you might even have a peaceful life without wants. But the kind of a peace of a slave, a peace without freedom or honor. Is it worth it? Ask a slave. Read some of the books written by those slaves who had the blessing to taste the uncertainties of freedom (cf. Frederick Douglass, Harriet Ann Jacobs). Is it worth placing your future and that of your children in the hands of another - another who might give you everything or might give you nothing, but who will always give you only what he wants?  Is it worth it so that you don't have to bother discussing how to build and maintain a just and free society?  

Politics is indeed to be discussed. It is a pain, it is boring, it is complicated, it is hard not to yell at those who think differently than you. It is all of that, but it is worth it. When you learn to debate, to respect the other's opinion, even if he doesn't change his opinion, it makes it easier. When you learn that people won't always take your side, but that you can still be friends after that, it makes it even easier. But even if you lose your friend - what do you prefer? Live as two friends in lies and slavery, or live both of you with that friendship, but free to determine your own future?

And I'd even say that political parties are important. I am not talking about partisanship, where parties become independent institutions determining the thoughts of its members. No. I am talking about parties that arise from differing views on a same specific subject, but who are willing to take on a legitimate discussion in the public arena - and may the best argument win. Parties should always exist because humans are different and think differently, and always will. But since subjects change, so should parties. Parties should not remain the same, but change as society's issues change. All sides should engage in honest discussion. 

It was thanks to politics that we have abolished slavery. Thanks to politics the countries of America proclaimed their independence. And thanks to politics much harm was done to our world - war, genocide, abusive taxes and redistribution of wealth. Evil was done when those who were against the evil fell silent under the excuse that politics is not discussed.

 Sorry if u are part of the group of suckers. Please do not forget - when you are persuaded that politics is not to be discussed, or that politics is for crooks, you are flouting centuries of evolution of human thought. Include in your contempt philosophers and great thinkers of ancient Greece, the Enlightenment, the great revolutions for self-government. You're throwing out the window all that our ancestors built so carefully . ... In hindsight , you really are a sucker. Do not be a sucker. For the love that you have for the wisdom that God gave mankind, do not be a sucker. Put your mind to do something worhy - make your life worth living in this brief passage of yours through human history .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Homosexuality indeed. Why not?

I ask you, who call yourself a Christian, and is sitting there appalled with homosexuality being regarded as something praiseworthy - why not ?
Remember how many times you have been to the movies and hoped the good guy and the girl got together, even though she was married to another, or even though they both had built their relationship on illicit sex (fornication). Remember how many times u talked to your friends, those who had sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends, as if it were absolutely normal, and you wanted them to stay together without ever suggesting that they should be married to do what they were doing every night.
We've spent too much time dealing with sinful sexuality as if it were normal. You've accepted the mundane version of sexuality that is all based on feelings and that what matters is love.

That actually is not love - it's lust. But our society has decided to call lust for love, then you accept it as valid. Yes, all is worth it in the name of love. "May it not be immortal, since it is but a flame, may it be infinite while it lasts," says the poet. How beautiful, you say. What matters is love.
My friend (or brother, if you prefer), for a long time our society has treated sexuality as a toy, subject to sinful treats of the human beings. From sex outside marriage to homosexual practice it is but a leap - okay that is a complicated leap because it involves prejudice, but it is an obvious leap from the viewpoint of logic. And as we live in a post- Christian society, homosexuality wants to be legitimized through marriage. The homosexuality wants to be part of a society that values the ​​religious version of family. But this is not because the homosexual wants out of fornication and wants holy form of sex. It is just that our post- Christian society has become accustomed to values ​​and institutions like marriage. It's just that. There is nothing sacred or Christian in a homosexual marriage. As there is nothing Christian or sacred in a marriage between fornicators or adulterers.
When you friend got married pregnant and you thought she looked gorgeous with that belly showing, the problem was as serious as it is now. Once u open the door and kick morality out, anything goes. Homosexuality yes . Why not? And if that is not what you want, u will have to say no to a lot that you have been saying yes to for a long time.
Each of us - appalled at the current state of our "Christian" society - has a bit of guilt if we have held this behavior .
Sin is not - never was - something we exalt as beautiful. Sin is ugly. Be homosexuality, fornication or adultery. When we sin we should feel shame and repent, and fall prostrate at the feet of the Lord, instead of hitting our chest with pride to say that we did everything in the name of love. Every time we did that, or applauded whoever did it, we opened the door to what we have today. Homosexuality yes . Why not? God have mercy on us.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Charlotte's Web - The movie

I like watching movies - I do.  But will I will never finish watching the movie version of Charlotte's Web. I really like Dakota Fanning. She is a cute little girl and talented child actress. I think the story is entertaining - not beautiful, but entertaining. I have seen the animated version of the story and liked it very much. And lastly, I do like to add more movies to my list. Even when I don't care about the story, I just let it play while I do something else to make sure I can say I have seen the movie.
I don't care much about the story of Charlotte's Web. I don't care for movies about talking animals, I don't like spiders, and I think the story gets hypocritical when it tries to protect a pig from getting to my table, but gives a spider the right to eat poor little flies! She says that's the way it is and she will keep doing it shamelessly!!!! Let's turn the spider into a vegetarian too, if we are trying to be fair. But I could put up with all this crap, she it was all in a cartoon format.
So, despite all of my reservations about the story and the fact that I really don't care for talking animals, I was willing to give this movie a shot and let it play in the back of my screen, just as I did to 101 Dalmatians, and other movies that have talking or super intelligent animals.
Why then have I not been able to finish watching Charlotte's Web? Well, you see, when Charlotte started coming down on the screen and I realized that the hero of the story was not just a cartoon spider, but a real life looking spider, I wanted to puke. Ihad to turn off the movie immediately  and forget all about it for my sanity's sake. It is one thing to see a disgusting spider turned into a cartoon, and I can take that. I can put up with the fact that she is a great spider who has a lot to teach a fearful talking pig. I can put up a cartoon talking pig as well, even though Babe made me sick to my stomach. But I can put up with a real life spider turned hero. Same reason why I couldn't bring myself to watch Shrek. He is a freaking ogre, people!!! Anyway, I did not and I will not watch Charlotte's Web the movie. No thank you. If you must torture me in the future, you already know which way to go. but I beg you, please, don't.

Sunday, February 02, 2014


When I was little I had a notebook where I wrote down the names of every movie I watched.
I lost this notebook a long time ago. So Yesterday I decided to start up again. I am at movie number 836. I know I have seen many more. All those old Trinity , Jerry Lewis and Benji movies haven't been logged in yet. Little by little, I might be able to recover most movies i have seen in my lifetime. ... Why? For posterity, I guess. Or because my memory is crap and I hate making a fool out of myself trying to recover a movie name or guess whether or nt I have seen that movie.