Sunday, September 29, 2013

sick as a dog

IN my last post I talked about the un-lived life.

If anyone is wondering why I have been absent from my blog for the past week - I have been sick and I have been working like a slave to get all my lessons ready in time. Talk about un-lived life.

Next semester I might quit my college classes.

I had to cancel the classes I was registered to take, because I just had no time for them at all.

I also haven't started my language lessons or my guitar lessons, just because I can't find the time.

I am trying to find time to cook and do groceries ... after all we have to eat. I guess ...

Well, bot all is lost.

Baby and I have done 2 Big E dates where we ate like we have a hole in our stomach, and discovered a new sushi place.

We also went to see a scary movie and took a few drives to see land. I am not sure we are ever going to buy anything, but we are looking at a lot of them.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Un-lived life

The only certain thing in life is that we are going to die - and yet we live our lives as if this would never happen. Worse - we live our lives without having fully lived. When death comes to you, what will there won't be an extra minute to finishing up the unfinished life; there won't be an extra day to do the things you left for later. Nothing can be worse than meeting death without having truly lived.

(thought about that after watching a novela where this young lady finds out she only has 6 months to live. Made me think of my life, and what if that happened to me? What would I have to claim as my life really?)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Love my high heels and my new job

It's been a week and a half into the school year and I don't hate my job and don't dread going back to work. That feels so good! So different from my previous job that I almost feel like I am in heaven.

I also feel great about the fact that I am in a job where I can dress up and wear my high heels. I LOVE wearing high heels. The only caveat is that after 12 hours on top of those 3-inch tall things I want to throw them out the window. The solution is easy - don't spend the whole day out. I go to school in the morning, come home, then go to college in the evening.

It has been crazy, still, but I am getting my routine down, step by step.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

A man must travel

This is why there is a blog called

“The one thing that would have been worse than to be cold floating up and down the waves south of the Indian Ocean, would have been not having made this far, or never having left the warm and comfortable waters of Paraty – even if only to find out how warm and comfortable they were. I felt oddly well as I sailed around the ice that was so far away from home. Today I understand my father. A man must travel, on his own, not through stories, images, books or TV. He must travel himself, with his eyes and feet, to understand that which is his. So that one day he can plant his own trees and value them. He must know the cold so the can enjoy the heat. He must feel distance and displacement, so he can feel well under his own roof. A man must travel to places he doesn't know to break the arrogance that makes us see the world the way we imagine it, instead of simply the way it is or could be; the arrogance that makes us be teachers and doctors of things we have never seen, when we should  be instead students, simply going and seeing.” Amyr Klink (Endless Sea)