Tuesday, November 21, 2006

all gone

Now the leaves are all gone from the trees. they will not come back till spring. So that is what the trees will look like till March. Bare. I will miss the green.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

till morning

I had seen it happen before. Something was killing people, it was some sort of curse. Turning them into living dead. And it was in a small town, in the middle of nothing.

I had fled to another town and it was dusk when I got to the woods nearby. Some people came too. As we heard pretty much the same thing I had heard before, I knew it was going to happen again.

I tryied to warn the few people that were with me but they did not believe me. So instead of staying to see what would happen for that dreadful night, I figured if I stayed away from the crazy dumb crowd that likes to get killed by mesterious forces I would just check myself into a hotel nearby and wait till morning. Every curse goes away by morning, right.

Morning came too late.

Some one had seen me running down to the hotel. there were two ofthem only in that small town. I got to one of them and there were already people there to see the phenonmenon. What were they dumb?

The rooms were not exactly private. for each apt you had a common den and then doors to some 9 suites. That wasn't good. I knew it like to go after gatherings of people. The folks in my apt were friendly, but I knew that if we stayed awake it would soon come after us.

I saw myself of to my suite that ...had no wall separating me from this room were a mother and her little boy were staying!?!?! What a cheap prick gave me the key to that room! I had asked for a room not a freaking dorm!

But before I could get to bed, the thing hit the hotel. "It is here!" some one hollered. but there was no need, we heard the screams. getting out of there was hell, but I made it - not unnoticed though.

I tried checking into the hotel next door, but they were all dead. So I ran. The freaks chasing me up and down the cobblestone roads. I found the store of a man I had met in the hotel. He and his only employee were hiding there and I begged for mercy. He let me in and locked the gates back.

But it found us. It came through the gates. There was no hope left. And morning never came.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a girl's brothers

Anyone still doubt that I am madly in love with my brothers?

Even though the older one drives me insane some times with his crazy theories "about life and love and other mysteries"(eg. politics)?

As much as I tend to be attracted to guys that remind me of him, he is the most unique guy on Earth. I really admire that kid.

A lot of times we disagree. Some times I just do not seem to grasp his thoughts. Sometimes I think he is just being childish. I remember the days when I was the one that would put ideas in his mind. Those days are over. he is the one who tries to put ideas in my mind - I feel that I know so little when he starts talking to me.

As for the little one, having missed his past 2 1/2 years, I can just hope that he becomes quite a man. He has a great role model. His brother has been putting him in the right track. Including movies - Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (books and movies). And he is really smart, fun, and sweet.

He looks up to me too. For how long will that last? And why on Earth does he think I am so great? ...

I always indulged him in boyish things. Gross songs, candy after hours, gifts ( I am always trying to get him the gift that will make him forget everyone else's, and I am usually right) And we had lots of fun making fools out of ourselves last time I was there. He just hasn't yet lost that innocence which makes him not mind looking silly. He has a playmate in me, for I have no sense of ridiculous.

What am I to say?
I am just in love with those guys!

Who actually believes Heather Mills?

She wants his money , isn't that obvious?

Who actually believes that Paul McCartney, the sweetest, cutest, hottest man on Earth would have actually abused her? Stabbed her?????? IS SHE OUT OF HER FREAKING MIND?????

Ah, if only Paul had listened to his children and not married that 49er, GOLD DIGGER!!!!