Sunday, April 27, 2014

The pseudo-Christian society wants to marry

This blog is a continuation of last week's, when I started to question why adultery used to be considered a crime in my home country Brazil - an idea that has always seemed absurd to me.After having, with my limited legal knowledge, explained how I came to understand this question, I began to wonder why people want to commit this folly called marriage.Marriage has been extremely unfashionable for a while, and that is precisely because people did not want to get stuck by a paper - a contract.If u do not want to have to deal with the law in your sex life, do not subject yourself to it. Do not marry.If u 're marrying before civil law, you're marrying before the law of men - this law that decided to recognize a religious institution as having legal value and legal privileges. So if you want to put the hand in this mess, you are admitting before the law that will be entering into a monogamous sexual relationship. Do you not believe in monogamy? Your problem. Whether you're gay or straight (since today the law recognizes gay marriage), marriage is a leash. If you do not want to get stuck, why are you marrying?Nowadays free sex, outside of marriage, is still preached - as it was done in the 70s and 80s. But it seems that marriage fashionable again.I wonder why people still get married. If they want to have sex and or stop having sex at will, why do they want to enter into a civil contract that requires exclusiveness? Worse still, a civil contract which has religious origin, and religion is against the sexual permissiveness that are so dear to them? Why do people who are in favor of sexual  freedom want to enter a contract originated in an institution in which they do not believe?It's all a bit confusing in our post-Christian society, or pseudo-Christian. Even this schizophrenically secular-religious institution is confusing. It was considered outdated until the gay movement resolved to enter. Now marriage is the watchword. The people want to marry and have the right to adopt or rent tummies. Nobody remembers that the marriage contract comes with the privileges, but also with duties - including sexual exclusivity (which should indeed have come  with sexual abstinence before contract ) .

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is adultery a crime?

In Brazil there was a time when that adultery was a crime. I am not familiar enough with American laws to know whether it is or it was ever a crime here in the US. However I always found this criminalization kind of absurd. Adultery is a sin, yes. But a crime? How can it be a crime that a person is sexually involved with another? Crime is stealing, killing... but having sex?
Whether I have sex or not, and with whom is a personal matter. ... Right? And sex only with a spouse is a religious issue. After all, it is the religion that dictates that people should only have sex with their legitimate spouse. Why then is the civil law, which is secular, worried about this matter?
It was then that I realized that civil law also cared about the legalization of marriage. So it all made sense. What made no sense was to want adultery not to be considered a crime.
Think with me:
Marriage in our society is a social contract, determined by the law of such society. So much so that we refer to this contract in Brazil as "civil marriage". You can even get married in a church - which we call "religious wedding" - but today, if you do not sign the legal marriage papers, your marriage has no legal value (although there was a time when the religious wedding itself had already Marital validity - do not know if that was changed to make the state more secular, but that's beside the point).
According to the civil law, when signing the marriage contract - made ​​before a judge and witnesses - the two contracting parties undertake the establishing, with one another, of certain relationships in an exclusive manner. This contract also entitles both parties with certain financial privileges, but only if the contractual obligations of exclusivity are maintained. Sexual intercourse is one of the exclusive relationships that the contracting parties have committed to establish.
The sex outside marriage therefore constitutes a breach of this contract. Thus, a party who entered into the contract out sexual relationship, has broken a civil law - which is a crime .
Well, maybe my legal vocabulary is a little muddled. I know there are different words for different degrees of breaking the law, and I do not know if crime is the correct word for a breach of contract. But the central idea is roughly this: that adultery is illegal because it constitutes a breach of a contract with legal value.
The current 6 o'clock novela in Brazil depicts the decades of 30 and 40, when Brazilian society, especially the feminist movement, questioned the law of adultery as being too hard on women. Women went to jail, men walked. So instead of asking for the same punishment for men, they fought to end the punishment all together. Why? Why not punish the breach of a contract by either party?
My interpretation is that people do not understand that by signing a civil contract before witnesses and a judge, they can not break it at will. Marriage is no longer a personal or religious thing when it is recognized by the law as a civil contract.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Superman , Spider-man , Batman .... none of these superheroes will ever take the place of my favorite superhero - Indiana Jones .
He never needed super powers or a utility belt, and never even bothered to wear his underwear over tight pants.
All he needed was a sense of adventure, a degree in archeology, and cunning (not to confuse the derogatory sense of the word, I will add its synonym - wisdom, but not that of experienced people, which comes with years of life, but that which comes with studying and applying studies to real life).
Indy has never been a model human being as superheroes are. His relationship with his father (James Bond) was never very good, and the only permanent woman in his life complains that he took advantage of her naivety. He was just a normal guy with qualities and defects like any normal guy. You'd even think he was real.
Thanks to the Indiana Jones films, two of my favorite professions when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" were "Archaeologist." and "Adventuress."
Little did I know that archeology had more to do with studying and teaching university that breaking with haunted forests and tombs and fighting against the Nazis.
Little did I know that adventure was not really a profession and that nobody wins salary to be adventurous. Adventurous people are either luckily rich, or absolutely broke.  

But who cares about these things before the age of 10?

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Every thought in your mind

What if someone could hear every thought in your mind? You know, everyone - including those you don't want to admit to yourself that are yours; those that make you embarrassed of actually admitting they have sprung from your mind. Those that make you not even recognize yourself as the person you think you are,  because they are so evil, selfish, stingy, cruel, and insensitive.

Can you imagine if someone you consider a friend could know every thought in your mind? Would you still have a friend?