Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Die Hard Trio

I am not really sure how to start this posting... I would like to do justice to what it really is about, but anything I think of saying sounds too vulgar...

It was Beta, Lua and Vika - the Die Hard trio... not a musical trio, someone called us that bc we were inseparable three friends.

Our friendship was the most special thing that ever happened to me.

We met at age 14 (Beta was 13), I was living in a different city, bc mom had moved to her hometown with us. Those were crazy years, there was so much was going on, and we felt like we had so much in common, and yet each one of us was so unique.

We shared the love for the Beatles and... for a few guys... hahaha.
We shared our non-stop talking habit, our being always late for everything habit, and our lack of tolerance for our mistakes in other people than ourselves habit.
We shared friend jealoussy, the kind that gets possessive; hang out places; non-conformist philosophies of life; a passion for long psychlogical explanations for every single thing we did (...yeah... let's face it, we were a little weird).
And so much we shared, in those years that seemed to last forever.

Whatever happened to those years? Whatever happened to us?

On the year I turn 27, I realize that I still feel 16, that I still refuse to believe that " best friends " is something that is only for children, and that today I have this huge hole in my heart in the place that once belonged to that friendship.

" What happened? " Some one would ask. " 'The apple has gone bad'. that's what happened." I don't know how or why, it just happened.

We never meant things to be like this, but as I said, we thought those years to be everlasting. And they were not.

Today it is only Lua and I. Whatever happened to Beta? No one really knows. "she just decided to leave," is what I 'd rather think, but it is never just the simplest, easiest reason.

So it is only Lua and I, but even so, I have left as well. Distance has not overcome our friendship, but it has changed it in a way we probably never meant it to be changed.

I want to say that Lua and I will always be best friends. But how much will it change? What will it mean? How much has it changed already?

I am still ridiculously jealous of her. My friends know I am jealous, but Lua has certainly experienced the worst of it. And I still repeat the same words I have said 10 years ago... time will pass, boys will come, life will happen, but our friendship will remain forever.

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