Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow, ice, more snow, more ice... Spring, where are you?

Well, these past couple of weeks have been giving us a few days of above freezing temperatures. And snow, good, beautiful, sexy snow hasn't fallen in a while.

All that ridiculously tall snow that you saw there in my facebook pictures has been melting into nothingness for two weeks.

So you think, Yay! That's awesome! Snow is almost gone!

Well, yeah, yay! That's awesome! But I do like the dang snow. I like it when it falls dry and cute! I hate it when it falls wet and heavy, or frozen. I hate freezing rain.

Why? Duh! A few weeks ago we had a normal rain fall after some snow.Then the temperature went down again. Guess what happened? The wet ground turned into frozen ground. Guess what happened when I tried going down the steps of my back door. Guess!!!

Right! A whole entire day not being able to sit down. Very pleasant feeling!

Then a few days later, we had freezing rain. Again, freezing rain is the one that falls as water and sits as ice. I thought, "If the school has not canceled it's because it is not as bad." Lethal mistake. The school did not cancel because it had no more days to spare.

On my way out I had a clue, by looking at Dean's caramelized car that ice was sitting on the ground.

I left the garage using extreme caution, scared to death, and at the end of the street I was supposed to stop behind a truck. I was SUPPOSED to stop. So I patted the breaks, the ways they say you're supposed to do in order not to lose control of the car. Did it work? Well, let's see, have you ever tried to put the car into an ice skating rink and then push the brakes? Well, if you have not, let me clarify it to you - brakes and nothing are the same thing. I realize the only way I would not end up in the truck's butt would be by swerving the car onto a snow pile on the sidewalk. And I did it. After the snow stopped my car I tried putting it back on the road. It worked! Of course I was not a bit in shock. I just kept repeating to myself, "I hope I make it to work alive, I hope I make it to work alive." But that kind of thinking is normal. Everyone thinks like that every day as they leave for work.

I got onto the highway. I don't know I got there in one piece, but I did. And now you're thinking, "the highway has no ice because of the traffic." Another mistake. All of a sudden, we all started going 30 an hour. ... Why? Simple! Because everyone saw the pick-up truck on top of the guard rail in the middle of the road and no one wanted to end up the same way, or worse!

I got to work and about 50% of the students did not go to school. In this 50% you can include all of my students. The students who did show up were in shock because mom and dad crashed the car on the way to school.

It's days like these that make you wonder about where is good sense when people are deciding to cancel class.

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