Saturday, September 03, 2011

Great Britain trip part 7: Hastings and London day 1

Day 12, August 10, Wednesday

We left our Tavern early and headed to the longest driving day yet. We drove all the way to the south coast - to Durdle Door, apparently a very popular beach, not a=only among tourists. But guess what !!! I met a Brazilian there. A Brazilian who's also headed to London tomorrow and who was just on the phone with his cousin who lives there to make sure it was safe.
My cousin said it was safer than ever, he told me. Awesome.

Well, we took pictures at Durdle Door. And by the way, our GPS played a prank on us, becayse the address for durdle door was not at all the address we were supposed to follow. At one point I just told dean to stop blinding following the stupid GPS when the signs on the road were blantantly telling us to go the other way. Goodness gracious!!! GEt a brain!

Anyway, we found it, we took pictures, and I decided I had to try the water. I was under the impression it would be freezing!!! NO! It was not freezing. it was actually warm!!! Seriously! Dean got his sneaker soaking wet, by the way.

We drove along the coast to Southwick, and then to our final stop, Hastings, because along that coast, Paul McCartney supposedly has a recording studio. We did find the studio, and as we were having dinner at this fancied up pub, I heard some tourists mentioning he also had a house there somewhere. Since it was late and we had to go back to our B&B (my favorite B&B so far), we decided the next day would skip Windsor Castle, because I had to find Paul McCartney's home, somehow. I have been trying with my Iphone, locate this place they mentioned. I think I got it. Tomorrow morning! TOmorrow morning we are seeing Paul's home!!!!

Dean was super tired today, because we did so much driving, but it was all worth it! Guess what we found right at the end of the road form our B&B!!! A reliant RObin, those little glass fiber cars with only one wheel on the front! Two of them!!!! Seriously! We took a picutre next to them!

THe place we stay is all medieval themed. Dean is loving it. It really is the bext B&B so far because it also is the B&B with the most privacy so you don't feel like you're right at your host's face.

Day 13, August 11, Thursday

Today was about tied with the most frustrating day of our scotland trip.

Well, I blew it at finding Paul's house. Now that I can check the internet again I see that we drove right by it. I can remember the driveway, but I had no clue it was it. I hate myself. All I wanted was to find an employee or something who would take my book. I am convinced I saw that employee! And I did not know it at the time. I am more than mad, I feel like i dreamed my whole entire life with this day and then I blew it big time. I am a total and complete failure! Dean wanted to go see Glenbogle in SCotland and he spared nothing to do it. He asked around and he undertook a 3 hour walk to make it there. He went and saw what he went there to see. I on the other hand, simply wasted the chance I have dreamed of my whole entire life. I am an idiot.

OK, so we made it to London. We returned the fiesta one day late (I screwed the reservation somehow), so we had to pay for the extra day.
We tried finding our hotel by train, and that was completely useless! A huge waste of time. We finally decided that we should take a cab there. The hotel took our luggage and we finally went on to see London. We did not make it in time to see Westminster, but in the time to get into westmister for the evesong service. We took a picture right in front of Big Ben. and that was all we did for that day. Now, let me tell you about this hotel. It is not nice. Our room has no phone, no window, it's in the basement and it smells like fresh paint. Oh, and it's not even in the same building as the reception. can you imagine if we have to call the reception in the middle of the night? This is ridiculous!!!! But, fine. We're only coming here to sleep anyway. And breakfast is included. and... we have internet.

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