Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs and my I-Phone

Why Steve Jobs passing yesterday such a big deal?
It was indeed a tragic death. In our day and age, death at 56 is awfully early. It is tragic that such a rich and famous man could not keep this cancer from taking his life so soon.

But why is it such a big deal to so many people?
Well, Apple computers are either loved or hated, but you don't have to be an Apple fan to know that this man's invention, the I-Phone, changed the world.

Steve Jobs was not only some rich and famous guy. He was one of those unique people that happen to be hard-working, talented and able to seize the opportunities that life throws their way. There aren't many of those around. And when one of those is gone, it is kind of a big deal.

But I dare say that is not even what makes his death such a big deal. At least not for me. Steve Jobs was the brain behind the little device to changed the way I manage my life.
When My husband showed me yesterday the front page of the Apple Website, I was surprised, and I was sorry. But Later on I thought how meaningful this was. Yesterday a genius died. The genius that created my little personal secretary. That's when it is a big deal for me.

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