Sunday, May 20, 2012

Theology from an lay girl

I really like theology. Even though I am far from being a theologian, it have fun learning and discussing biblical doctrine. I like organizing and improving my thinking, especially concerning things related to God.
But, sometimes, when I am at church, and the pastor is preaching his sermon, my mind wonders to ideas that are not very theological, but are just based on biblical facts.

So, here it goes, theology of a lay girl:

A couple of Sundays ago, we started studying the book of Daniel. And we soon read the account in which Daniel and his friends make a point of not contaminating themselves with the king's food. They decide to adhere to a diet of vegetables and water. Daniel and his friends didn't know it then, but, by choosing not to eat from the king of Babylonia's table, they adhered to a vegetarian diet, which was healthy enough for them. So if you want to argue against vegetarian diets, take it up with Daniel.

I am not saying I agree when vegetarians say they don't eat meat because the poor animals had to be killed. When we eat salads the poor tomatoes and lettuces had to be cut off of its life source - so lives end so that others may continue, just the same. And, hey, animals farts are not, by any respectable scientist's standards, increasing the hole in the ozone layer or contributing to green house effects.

But, most vegetables and fruits have negative calories in them, besides vitamins and minerals. So you're eating nutrients and not getting fat. How about that!

On another Sunday we were studying the book of Samuel. Back in the beginning of Samuel's story, we find Hannah, his mother. Hannah was a tormented wife because she could not have children. God eventually hear her desperate prayers and granted her Samuel.
That shows how great and loving God is. But here's what I don't understand - Hannah was so upset about not having children! I don't think I'd be that worried if I found out I couldn't have any. But then again, this was 4k years ago. I mean, what else was there for a couple to do, after a year or two of marriage, than to raise children? Life must have gotten pretty boring after a little while without children.
I mean, how much entertainment was available? How many plans for the future could they do that would be made harder or impossible by having children? Were children ever part of an either/or choice (you know, either children or that other thing that makes my life so meaningful)?
I love it though, that even when Hannah's heart was breaking, she didn't prevent herself from worshiping God. Stop going to worship is the worst thing anyone can do. Don't give up on worship when you're overwhelmed. It would be like saying, I am too tired all the time, I don't even feel like eating, so I should stop eating. Well, you'll just make yourself worse. The thing is - life will go on, with or without you. So it is up to you to choose to continue or not. Do the next thing - keep your life going. Don't collapse.God is there - He is the one who holds you up.

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