Sunday, June 03, 2012

a day after the other

There is nothing like a day after the other.. And a night in the middle. People say times heals everything.
Yes. Somehow, the new day is telling us that we have survived, and that there is a chance we will survive another day. We know that not everything is perfect. Sometimes it even feels like the world is falling over our heads. But, unlike fairy tales (where everything is so perfect all the time), life brings little surprises everyday in many different shapes. Blessings in disguise or blessings you can see. Live is never all good, but it is never all bad either. There's always tomorrow to remind you that life goes on. And that something good might just happen.

One day after the other, and someday that pain of the broken heart is gone – or it doesn't feel as important anymore. One day after the other and someday you learn that what people say is not as important as what you know and how you feel. One day after the other and, when you least expect, you'll be near the ones you really love. One day after the other and you realize you are still here. You can't even believe you have come this far without falling apart. And if you have come this far, you can probably go a little further. You realize that somehow you've found a way to cope with life's lemons, and sometimes you even came up with a yummy lemonade.
Nothing like a day after the other to show there is always hope. Nothing like a day after the other to show that while it 's true that nothing good lasts forever, no evil is eternal either.

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