Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back from Vacation

Yes, I am back from vacation. Back to real life. Every time I come back from vacation it feels like I am waking up from a dream. The wonderful moments lived, fulfilling the year-long planning - now just eternal memories. Even the time at the awful waits at the airport and the dreadful flights feel like a dream.
This year was particularly special because for part of the vacation my little brother and my aunt were here in America.
Anyway, unfortunately I am back to real life. Vacations are the only thing that get me up in the morning and get me through a day of work. I keep in mind that each day of work helps me pay for a little bit more of my precious vacation. So now, now that I am back to real life, I am also back to planning and counting down for vacation 2013.

I owe my readers an apology. I have disappeared from the blogging scene for over a month now without offering a reason for it. But, I try not to announce on the internet that I will be away from home. And, unfortunately, when we travel, internet is spotty, and when you lead 20-hour vacation days, like we do on our vacations, very little time is left for blog-writing, editing and posting.

This is absolutely my no means an excuse for the lack of journaling. I should absolutely register each and every day of my vacations, considering how precious they are to me. I need to register such days. What I do, how I feel, what I eat... Even when I get back to the hotel only four hours before I must leave it again, I should take the time to write a reflection on that day.

I am vowing right now that, from this coming vacation on, this is what I will do. But as for now, I will register to the best of my abilities, each day of my vacation here.

Get ready. See you next Sunday!

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