Monday, March 04, 2013


Finally the end of February came. I am glad. Why? Because the coupons for a free can of friskies expired.
Well I love freebies, don't take me wrong. But I had no idea to face to put on anymore, going there everyday with a coupon and walking out with a free can of food - shamelessly saving 66 pennies.

On the other hand, the count down for April vacation has already started. what? I know I just came out of February vacation. And I miss it already. I spent it all planning our summer vacation, and had no time to do anything else.
Planning my vacation to me is my second favorite thing to do, after going on vacation. So I can say that I travelled to the UK this week.
I also started learning Russian!

Now it's been a whole week since my vacation ended. It is now two Mondays after it, and I am sitting here, getting a ton of work done and wondering where did my weekend go. I spent some of it editing my new book, and some of it going for a ride with my husband.

I was a slacker and didn't do any housework. Can't keep doing that. Right now, I am six weeks away from April break - when I plan to learn how to sew and spend some more time doing Russian - and 5 days away from Friday. I'll count down to Friday.

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