Monday, July 08, 2013

Work from home

I love those announcements: This is your chance to work from home! Be your own boss! Make your own schedule!

Anyway - work from home. It seems that my idea of "work from home" is different than that of the people behind the announcements.

See, when I think "work from home," I think, "get up at 6:30, tidy up my house, change out of my PJs? H'm... if I want to. Get a cup of tea, sit by my computer or phone and do the work I could be doing at the office - just that I will be doing it from home - while I watch the cat's obnoxious behavior."

Most of those Work from Home announcements - when you reply to them - turn out to be sales. "Work from Home" in their mind means, "go to other people's homes and demonstrate our products to them. Spend your whole freaking day going to other people's homes!"

How's that for a work from home situation?

Meh, I'll pass. I'll go to he office.

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