Sunday, September 29, 2013

sick as a dog

IN my last post I talked about the un-lived life.

If anyone is wondering why I have been absent from my blog for the past week - I have been sick and I have been working like a slave to get all my lessons ready in time. Talk about un-lived life.

Next semester I might quit my college classes.

I had to cancel the classes I was registered to take, because I just had no time for them at all.

I also haven't started my language lessons or my guitar lessons, just because I can't find the time.

I am trying to find time to cook and do groceries ... after all we have to eat. I guess ...

Well, bot all is lost.

Baby and I have done 2 Big E dates where we ate like we have a hole in our stomach, and discovered a new sushi place.

We also went to see a scary movie and took a few drives to see land. I am not sure we are ever going to buy anything, but we are looking at a lot of them.

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