Sunday, April 13, 2014


Superman , Spider-man , Batman .... none of these superheroes will ever take the place of my favorite superhero - Indiana Jones .
He never needed super powers or a utility belt, and never even bothered to wear his underwear over tight pants.
All he needed was a sense of adventure, a degree in archeology, and cunning (not to confuse the derogatory sense of the word, I will add its synonym - wisdom, but not that of experienced people, which comes with years of life, but that which comes with studying and applying studies to real life).
Indy has never been a model human being as superheroes are. His relationship with his father (James Bond) was never very good, and the only permanent woman in his life complains that he took advantage of her naivety. He was just a normal guy with qualities and defects like any normal guy. You'd even think he was real.
Thanks to the Indiana Jones films, two of my favorite professions when asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" were "Archaeologist." and "Adventuress."
Little did I know that archeology had more to do with studying and teaching university that breaking with haunted forests and tombs and fighting against the Nazis.
Little did I know that adventure was not really a profession and that nobody wins salary to be adventurous. Adventurous people are either luckily rich, or absolutely broke.  

But who cares about these things before the age of 10?

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