Wednesday, September 03, 2014

We are insignificant.

"We are insignificant. No matter how much you plan your life, at any time everything might change." (“Somos insignificantes. Por mais que você programe sua vida, a qualquer momento tudo pode mudar.”) ―Ayrton Senna

This year it has been 20 years since the awful death of our dear Ayrton Senna - the rich Brazilian kid who was not ashamed  of being one of us. He raised our flag, he brought up our national pride when there was very little to be proud of. He was an honorable man. He was 34.
Just 2 weeks ago a tragic airplane explosion killed a presidential candidate in Brazil. A father. A husband. A healthy man with an honored past and a promising future in politics. He was 49.

Earlier this year a heart attack took the life of a healthy actor we all loved Zé Wilker. Yes, he was 69, but active and healthy.

Even earlier Shirley Temple died without even being sick. She was 85.

They all left us just like that.

I can never add to my life another minute. No matter how healthy I am, I can't guarantee I will live to see the next day.

We, as human beings, worry so much about terminal cancer patients. We know they are dying so we want them to have their last wishes. But aren't we all dying? Aren't we all putting off our last wishes? 

Why don't I live as if my life could end at any moment? The cemetery is full of people who thought the world couldn't live without them. The world goes on, and we all leave it eventually - we just know when.

I don't know when. I don't want to live as if I did. I don't know if I will live till tonight. I don't want to  act as if I did.

I want to be happy and enjoy every little thing I do right now. Plan for the future, yes. But live for today.
I don't want to postpone my dreams.  No more "next year", unless "next year" be a sine qua non.
I don't want to say to my husband, "it's too late, let's do it tomorrow." No, let's do it tonight.
I don't want to prevent myself from doing something good to someone because "it can be done tomorrow".

I want to make a difference in people's lives by showing them how much they mean to me - today. I want to say and do things to make them happy and safe.

I want to say I love you to all those I love, and I not say anything to hurt those I don't care about.
Not a minute in my life is guaranteed. I don't want to live as if it were. We only go through the race track once. Let's do it for real.The time is now. The day is today. Tomorrow everything might change.

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