Friday, January 01, 2016

The most self centered posting this year has seen

Gone is 2015. Quite a roller coaster it was - full of ups and downs. I laughed out loud many times. I cried myself to sleep many others. Like most people, I sang my victories as loudly as I could and I hid my sorrows as well as I knew how. 2015 is forever gone, but not forgotten. Nothing that changed in it will be easily left behind. New house, new baby, new friends... But also drawbacks and the loss of loved ones, not only to death. Sometimes I did great at dealing with all these changes, other times not so much. Sometimes I really tried my best, others I just gave up and let people down. Sometimes I apologized, others I just said "wtf". 
Now 2016 is here. It's not a new beginning, it's a sequel. 
It brings with it new hopes, but also the consequences of the year that left us. Hopefully I've learned something. Hopefully I'll be a little better. Hopefully I'll still be around by the end of it. 
I've learned not to make New Years resolutions ... as I'm still trying to grow up and brush my teeth without being told. 

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