Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wacky Dreams 3: A Terrorist Friend?

This one is by far the craziest dream I've ever had. I particularly like this one. READ IT!

This is by far one of the craziest dreams I’ve had.
Here I am, back at home, in our condo on the 18th floor of Cyclame building on Florida St.
“I am going to the movies!” I announce. I announced it for whomever might be interested in hearing it (apparently nobody), and left without asking for permission.
The fact that I was home and that I was actually leaving home without any attention did not seem to strike me as odd.
Barra Shopping Mall is actually located way down the hill, from the corner of my street, closer to our church. But in this story, it is at the corner of our street, where the Yazigi Language School is in real life.
I walk into the mall. The entrance looks nothing like Barra, and a lot like Iguatemi’s 3rd floor entrance, with the large hallway, the glassy walls, the ice cream place, and the phone booths…, but without the shoes store.
In this crazy mix of malls, the multiplex was right after the ice cream place. This organization was recently re-engineered by my own dream engineers.
As I walk into the movie theater area, I meet this friend who looks a lot like a middle-easterner.
“Virginia!” He seems happy to see me.
“Hashid!” Oh! I seem happy to see him too! What do you know! “What’s up, man?”
“We are doing a terrorist attack.”
“Really?” I reply courteously, but not really interested. I wanted to get through with that small talk to go buy my ticket. “When is that?”
“Oh … ok.”
“You want to help?”
“Who? Me? No, thanks! I am not a terrorist.”
“Oh, but you can not tell the police.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t. Good luck.” And start my way to the ticket booth.
“We are putting a bomb at the movie theater.”
“WHAT?!?!?!?!” Now he had really caught my attention.
“We are bombing the movie theater.” He repeats. Same candid smile.
“You, you, you, you can not bomb the movie theater today! I am coming to the movies today!!!!! You know how long it’s been since I have been to the movies?”
“well, are you ready to die?” He asks calmly in spite of all my anger.
“NO! I am not! I don’t wanna die!” I go on as mad as before.
“So stay away from the movie theater today.”
“Man!!!!” I reply upset. “What time is this gonna be?”
“In 30 minutes.”
“Man!!!! You just ruined my day! Well, good bye, then. It was nice meeting you.”
I leave him and his girlfriend and start my way home. But I decide to stop at the ice cream place first. I look at the watch, and order 2 large scoops of ice cream - plain chocolate, and chocolate chip chocolate.
I enjoy my ice cream, keeping in mind that that is the last time ever I will be having ice cream in that place. Look at the watch once more. 10 minutes left. “Shilt! I better pay for this and get the heck out of here.”
“Excuse me! I am done. Can I pay now?”
The clerk, in a very bad temper, says, “Just a second.”
Fine. A second is fine.
5 minutes pass by.
“Excuse me, Miss!!!! I need to pay, ‘cause I gotta get goin’!”
“I am a little busy now. I will be with you in a sec.”
“Well, that’s what you told me 5 minutes ago! I want to pay for my ice cream ‘cause I gotta go!”
She comes very unwillingly , I pay for the ice cream and start my way out of the mall in my usual hurry, just that this time, I am running for my life. And as I hurry out of the mall I think – “good thing I did not tell HER about the bomb. What kind of a person is that? How could someone hire her? Argh!”
In just 5 min. I manage to get out of the mall, and cross the street. I chose the longer way, cause the shorter way would make me walk right by the mall for at least 2 minutes. Since my street has a U-shape, I decided that I could go to the other corner and start my way down the street to my family’s condo, which is located at the bottom of the U.
For some unknown reason I walk into the big white marble building located in between the two corners. I don’t know why but I thought that would take me straight to my condo.
Well, it didn’t. I got lost in their garage, that up until this day in my life I have only seen through the gates. Maybe that is why I got lost, since I don’t really know what the inside of that building is like, my dream designed something senseless.
As I realized I was lost, I heard the explosion. Then I also realized it was stupid to have entered that building, and decided to get out of it. It was the most difficult thing ever, but I finally managed to do it.
Back on the street, for some reason I got back into the mall. I saw the whole ordeal of people trying to get out, all exits controlled by the police and paramedical crew…
“Man, I am in the wrong place,” I thought.
Back on the street once more, I run home again. And I finally get to the entrance of the condominium. But it’s impossible to go in.
“If you are not dead or wounded you can’t come in, this building has been closed as an emergency exit.”
“But I live here! I gotta get home!!!!”
Only then do I remember to call home and let everyone know I am alright. Great! Half an hour later! Oh, man! How insensitive of me! I mean, I had thought of that as I left the mall, but with all the hurry, I forgot all about it. My family was probably freaking worried!
I reached for my cell, but it was out of battery. Back to the police officer, “Sir, I need to go in! I live here, in this building, on the 18th floor! My family is in there, they have no idea I am alive. I need to get home!”
“Sorry, miss, no one is allowed in but dead or wounded.”
“Jerk,” I think, as I feel someone pulling my clothes. I turn around and – guess who! – Joao Pedro and Alyssa (Alyssa is the little girl under my charge in Middlefield, CT).
“What are you guys doing here????”
“We were looking for you!” JP answers smiling that smile, the one he has just for me.
“Joao…. Joao, haven’t I told you so many times not to leave the house by yourself! Look at this mess around here! This is no place for kids!”
“I wanted to be with you. You were taking too long.” (Goodness, shoot me, how can I get mad at him when all he wanted was to be with me!)
“Ok, fine. Both of you, hold my hands, and do not let go! For nothing in this world, ok!”
I hold both kids’ hands and try once more to walk in the building. Useless.
Then I have an idea! “Let’s go down the hill that leads to the Canela Valley, and enter through the first floor! (Our condominium has 2 entrances – the one we were at is on the 7th floor; the other one, on the back, is on the Canela Valley and it is on the 1st floor. But to get there, you have to go up the street, turn right, and go down this steep steep hill that I hate, because there’s a lot of poor people living there.
Well, that was our only chance to go in. I hold both kids hands and start my way down the hill. Darcilyn, Alyssa’s mother, drives by in her BWM. “Where are you guys going?”, she asks as if the world was at perfect peace!
“We’ll try to get into the building by the back entrance.”
“Good idea!” she says and drives away.
I am not sure if there was anything else to this dream. But I do not remember.

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