Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wacky Dreams: Electronics Department

What follows now is a series of crazy dreams that I decided to write down just because they were too crazy too be lost in the past.

I had this weird dream that had to do with my brother Joao Pedro, even though he was not in it.
The story starts when I have to buy a movie for him and go into this one electronics store. The place looked quite messy, and it was a mix of a store I visited in New Britain and Mesbla, a store in a shopping mall in Salvador. And I knew it was supposed to be a very dangerous place, but went in anyway. My thing is - I don’t think much when it comes to doing things for my little brother.
In the store, there was a huge TV set with scenes from a Schwarzenegger movie, maybe one of the Terminators. Someone tells me not to mess with that TV because it belongs to the owner of the place, a really strong guy and he kills people that touch his stuff.
Well… ok.
Heck, nobody was looking and I really had to find this video that my brother asked me, so I went on and touched the screen to make the images change. What was the big deal anyway?
But I am not sure if I knew what I was looking for. I kept on searching through the images when this 17-year-old kid comes behind me.
“What are you doing?”
(Gasp) “Nothing!”
“Did you touch that thing?”
“Yes, you did!”
“No, I didn’t!”
“well, you better be tellin’ the truth. ‘Cause Mr.(who?) is coming.”
I look the way the kid pointed and there comes Mr. Muscles looking very upset, eyes fixed on me.
“S***.” (I say in a whisper)
I start running like there’s no tomorrow, find my way out the door, and cross the street. CPC, the church I go to, is right there, and several people I know from there are standing outside.
I ask for help, but nobody seems to understand. Then I keep on running. When I turn the corner I am in Itaigara, a fancy neighborhood in Salvador. My middle brother Leo is in the car with somebody else from our church. I hop in the car and they get me out of there.

Later on I am walking down that same street. I walk by the church, when Mr.Muscles appears right in front of me with a camcorder in his hands.
I freeze. For a second, my heart stopped beating. A little voice inside told me “run for your life!”, but my feet did not obey.
“You messed with my TV this morning.” I have know idea how to describe the tone in his voice. Maybe he was not totally mad, but the simple fact that he was twice my size in height and width was intimidating enough for me to try to decipher tones of voice.
“…Ah-ah-ah-ah-I….I…,” I felt my heart growing weaker, my body energy draining through my feet “sir… I was only…”
“Do you think you understand about electronics?” Again, no idea of what the tone in voice meant, but something urged me to answer the question, so I did it.
“uh… yes… sir.”
“Can you figure out how to fix this?” and then he hands me the camcorder.
“I was going to kill you for touching my things. But if you can fix my camera I will let you go.”
Ok, he hands the camcorder to me. My hands are shaking more than a green bamboo. My mouth is dry and I feel that cold sweat on the back of my neck. Don’t ask me how, but I got the thing fixed.
“Here you go, sir.” The words came out with an extreme effort to utter any reasonable sound as I handed the camcorder back to him. I thought of telling him what was wrong with it and ask him to try it out now, but I guess my brain was too busy dealing with fear to send any unnecessary messages to the rest of my body.
The guy gets the camera and smiles.
“You’re good. What did you want in my store anyway?”
“…Aaaaaa… a… a movie… for my little brother.”
“Ok, come along, let’s check out your brother’s movie.”
And that is it. I wake up.

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