Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kids will be kids

Some things in the world will always be the same.
Children will always be children.
When I am watching them in the playground I like to try to get in their minds - to imagine what they are feeling, what they are thinking, what their fears are, what their dreams are.
Not too long ago, it seems, I was one of them too.
Not too long ago, I also had that best friend who sticks like a tick to your skin - and makes you act like a fool.
Not too long ago I also walked down hallways filled with GIANT kids ... (before I found out they were just little 10-year-olds, and were not really BIG - it was I that was just a tiny first-grader).
Not too long ago all the world was way bigger then it is now, all my feelings were way more powerful than they are now, all that happened was way scarier than it is now, all my life was way more complicated than it is now.

Here are some questions that crossed my mind during childhood (and no I was not the brightest child on earth):
"why does the 4th grade board have weird math symbols on it?"
"why does the principal think we did it?"
"why does the only good-looking boy in the whole world never talk to me?"
"why do things happen just like mom told me they would if I do something behind her back?"
"why does that girl say so many bad words?"
"why is the teacher never looking?"
"why do I get spanked if I am only a kid?"
"why do strange voices always ask if my mom is home when I answer the phone?"
"how did she know I wet my pants???"
"how will I ever see my friends again if we go to a different school?"
"how will my best friend ever be able to call me if my phone number changes?"
"how can my aunt live in the U.S. if her mom is Brazilian?"
"how did mom find out?"
and the most mind-boggling one ever:
"how on earth does the teacher know my mom?"
Not too long ago ... the world was huge and mysterious.... it hasn't gotten much simpler, I just make myself believe it has.

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