Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tired of Facebook Manipulation

A couple of weeks ago I took a decision concerning Facebook. I have decided that I won't re-post any posts that use strategies of emotional blackmail in order to be reposted. I do love looking at pictures and messages that my friends post on Facebook. And I like to share them as a see fit.
However, requests of highly manipulative content, such as, “if you have a heart,” “if you love God,” “if this post had been about sex you'd have shared it, but...”, will be automatically eliminated from my decision-making process of “to share or not share – that is the question”.
Yes, I have a heart, and yes, I love God, and, boy oh boy, do I like sex! But I don't want to be coerced or guilted into sharing anything. I share pictures or messages when I believe them to be of some value and when I think it is worth the space on my page. I don't share all of them. Not everything I enjoy on Facebook has to go on my page, because I also have concerns about visual pollution and limiting my amount of contribution. So even wonderful messages might not be shared because I decided it was time to stop the postings for that day.
My major concern is not whether or not my criteria is fair. My point is – it is I who gets to decide what I share, based on my own criteria and not on cheap manipulation techniques that imply that I might not have a heart, love God, or that I might have some weird addiction sexual content.
I am standing up to say "NO" to Facebook emotional blackmail. So if you are one of those who posts messages that contain such techniques, I just want to let you know that I won't share them and let you know why. Will I make a huge difference in the world of Facebook? Who knows, and who freaking cares? I'm only one among many. Will my attitude be enough to stop Facebook manipulation? Who knows and who freaking cares? But I am doing what I think is right. If were you, I'd do the same. But I am not you, and your standard might be completely different than mine. Maybe you really don't give a dime about it and I will not say you're evil for doing that, but I will say I think that is a bad idea.
Share this link on you Facebook, if you agree with me. Or don't! The choice is yours!

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