Sunday, November 25, 2012

Me? A mom? Yeah, right.

So, after four years of marriage I still say,"children? I'm too young for that. We'll think about it in 5 years."
Some days though I wake up thinking, "man, I think I'm ready to raise a kiddo." then the next moment reason hits me,"what are you saying, crazy girl?"
The thing is I'm slowing coming to grips with the idea.
The idea of childbirth is not what scares me the most. Neither the fear that I will screw up on the whole child-raising thing ... badly. No, no, no.
I'm mostly scared of no longer being the center of attention. Once you have kids you become Mom and Dad. Yup, that's your new names. Even your friends will call you that. I'm not ready for that. I like being Vika. Cute Vika. The only daughter and granddaughter Vika. Everyone's little girl Vika.
Once babies come, Vika is just going to be the mom of the new cute stuff in the fam.
I'm not making that up. I was told. I was told, "enjoy your privileges now, bc when our grandchild comes, everything that used to go to you will go to the baby".
That means the attention, the gifts, the special treatment, the spotlight. Where did it go? Baby took it!
I'm not ready for that.

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