Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Accident in Japan

9 people died in their cars in Japan. How? The roof of a tunnel fell in. They were just driving, on their way to work, to a friend's house, to a vacation, to a special dinner, who knows!
The roof fell in, three cars were smashed and caught on fire. What an awful way to die. And, just like that, nine lives were taken... How many families are crying now?
This just goes to show how fragile our lives are. One minute we are here. The next minute we are gone. How many times a day do we dodge death by a few seconds?
And yet, we live as if our lives are so certain. We are so foolish! Why are we not on our knees everyday, thanking God for another day he spared us? And why don't we live each day as if it were our last? I mean, the best way possible, as if in a second we would have to give an account of our actions to a higher authority, aka God?

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