Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dreaming of Paul ...

My first book - I wrote to 14 years in Portuguese - is to be released very soon here in the U.S. - in English. The book in Portuguese is called Thank you, girl - a Beatles song. In English is The Little Girl From Yesterday (Yesteray being another Beatles song) This book is a product of my Beatlemania. At that time I was crazy mad in love with Paul McCartney ... well, still am. But Paul is nothing more than 38 years older than me. So I wrote a story in which the main character takes a time machine and goes to 1964 ... okay that was still a good age difference - 13 to 21 .... but who said Vicka would wait until age 21 to go meet her beloved Beatles?

I stand here remembering all the times I dreamed of Paul McCartney. I still dream. Sometimes more often than others, but almost every week ... I'll never forget a dream I had in eighth grade. I do not remember how, but I met Paul, I asked him to give me his phone number, bc then we could stay in touch ... I remember he had written it on a piece of paper - a little crumpled, torn and folded over... just like those pieces of paper that we used to send phone numbers or test answers in the classroom.
I remember seeing the numbers and getting all happy. Then I woke up. I was so frustrated and so angry because it was just a dream, but I thought if I could only see the number ... if I could only remember the number, I'd call. After all once dreamed of Cassiano Gabus Mendes (an actor) and I did not even know his name and called him by his name. ... And I was not even a fan of Cassiano, I was just watching a soap opera with him. So those dreams had to have some kind of special energy - the kind that takes information from every corner of the world and brings to your subconscious ... I dunno.
But unfortunately I never got to see the number that piece of paper. Oh, sadness!

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