Monday, January 28, 2013

My heart is crying today

My heart is crying today. I don't know what to say. I have no words. As I watched the news - the parents who lost their children, the husbands who lost their wives, the children left orphan, best friends lost forever - all I could do was cry with and for those who were all a little like me.

Death is never so evil when it comes as a tragedy - harvesting so many in so little time. 

I found this poem on facebook. I wanted to share here. Here are the words I couldn't find:


Fabricio Carpinejar

I died in Santa Maria today. Who didn't? I died at 1925 dos Andradas Street. In a choppy slope of smoke.

The smoke was never so black in Rio Grande do Sul. Never a cloud was so ominous.

Not even the most morbid and electrical storms desire your company. You you follow alone, spare, like a page torn from a map.

The smoke blotched the sky forever. Blue turned gray, night came on January 27, 2013.

The flames calmed down at 5:30 am, but death will never be controlled.

I died because I have a teenage daughter who comes home late.

I died because I went into a nightclub thinking I could leave in case of fire.

I died because I prefer to be near the stage to hear the band better.

I died because I've already confused a bathroom door with an emergency exit.

I died because the fire never apologizes when passing.

I died because I was somehow those who died.

I died suffocated by excessive death. How can I wake up again?

The building had not landed in the morning, like a plane on the runway runaway.

There was only one exit and fear came on all sides.

Teenagers will not sleep in till lunchtime. They will not remember anything. Or understand how suddenly they've distanced themselves from the future.

More than two hundred and forty youngsters without the final kiss of mother, father, siblings.

The phones still ring in the chest of the victims in the Municipal Gymnasium.

Families still looking for their children. Kids in college are eternally silent.

Nobody has the courage to meet and tell what happened.

The words have lost their meaning.

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