Saturday, February 02, 2013

Santa Maria - reflections

Remember when you used to come home at 3 am and find your mom sitting down on the living room couch waiting - worried sick about you? Remember how ridiculous you thought she was - bc you were just out partying with some friends? She doesn't seem so ridiculous today, does she? Now fall on your knees and thank God for having spared your mom the same pain so many moms are going through right now. Maybe they were sitting on a couch - worried sick about their babies - who will never come home again.
Mothers (parents and tb) are a special type of humans.

Moreover, after the bad happens we want to point fingers. And the bouncers who barred people from leaving are now crucified - people with no heart. But the work of the bouncer was not letting out deadbeats who wanted to leave without paying. Had they known there was a fire, would they have barred people? When they saw the smoke, didn't their attitude change - they opened the doors! Does that look like heartless people to you? First of, they themselves didn't want to die!

But we turn tragedies turned into witch hunts.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul and President Dilma (as much as I have my problems with her) has my admiration. Limited themselves to providing solidarity, and not to turning a tragedy into another step to their political agenda. Unlike my dear president, self-titled african american (actually mixed), who took advantage of the tragedy of Sandy Hook to start a witch hunt - or rather a hunt after the citizen's right to bear arms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment the constitution.

What about this Alexandre Garcia's suggestion to the claims that we need more laws and regulations to avoid tragedies: "Single Article - It's mandatory to obey the law in Brazil. And the authorities are mandated to see that the people obey the law." Revolutionary!

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