Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woman vs Cat

Day 1
Decided to attempt putting that baby gate thing on the door.
Directions called for tools and holes on the door frame. But, as I thought, the gate was up and firmly held with no tools or holes on the wall.
Cat was a bit freaked out about it.
Husband guessed Cat would jump right over it.

Day 2
Cat didn't try to jump.
By 1 the morning she made a fuss about it, crying and whining.
At around 1:30, husband gave in and let cat in the room.
Tonight,  husband will not be sleeping at home. I will try it alone.

Day 3
This cat is a f***ing psycho! She whined all f***ing night.
You'd think she'd give up and sleep on the bed I've set by the door. Wrong! It was 7 am and she kept on whining! Weirdo! Wacko! Psycho!
Now she is fast asleep on the living room couch. Getting rested to haunt me tonight, I suppose.

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