Sunday, August 04, 2013

ADHD is a pain

It is frustrating to realize that you're talking to someone and have no idea what the person is saying, not because you do not remember, but because something she said made ​​your mind travel to Mars.

Luana always used to complain that I never paid attention when she talked to me. But, yes, I did ... for about 30 seconds. Then I flew away.
"Vika! Pay attention!"
"Hi! Paying attention, dammit!"
But, really, Luana can spit more words per second than I can ... No son of God can handle that.

It is also frustrating to read a book and go back to the top of the page a thousand times. Because you read everything not paying attention to anything - or paying attention to everything, even the thing which is not there, but found its way into your imagination while your eyes saw the words in the book.

Welcome to my world.

Always wondered how all my classmates knew about the science fair, except for me? "When did Ms. say that? Where was my mind?"

And everyone went crazy whenever I changed the subject all the time? Went crazy? My husband would put this verb in the present.

Self-diagnosed? Yes, but I'm almost 100% sure I have ADHD.

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