Sunday, January 19, 2014

When we're little

Yesterday I saw a video of a little girl who sees her father's twin for the first time. The world is a funny place when we are little. Things that make perfect sense for older people or that everyone else understands as common place are completely different or uncommon to you.

Yesterday, as I looked through some James Bond movies - the Pierce Brosnan ones - I remembered how surprised I was to find out one day that Indiana Jones father (that nice old man) was once a 007 - the sexiest secret agent in the world.
"Seriously? Indy's dad?"

What about me wondering why people that went to the stadiums took their radios with them? Don't they know that the TV narrator will be there? No it never occurred to me that the TV narrator sat in his little TV network cabin and spoke on the microphone that went directly to our TVs, not to the stadiums broadcast system, which in most Brazilian stadiums is actually non-existent. Even if we did have a stadium broadcast system, who would narrate it? Globo TV? Bandeirantes? SBT? Or one of the radio stations? After all, each TV channel and each station had their own narrator. I guess, I hadn't realized that yet.

But one of my favorite kid thing is me trying to figure out what those lines were inside my eyes when I came home from the swimming pool. The Condominium Pool was on the ground floor and I had to go on the elevator to get to my condo on the 18th floor. So I went inside the elevator and looked at myself in the mirror all the way up - And wondered what those lines were inside my eyes... Not sure how long it took me to figure out they were the reflection of my wet eye lashes clumped together because of the water.With all the light inside the elevator, it was very easy for them to reflect right off my eye balls.

That's why little kids are so fun.

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