Monday, May 12, 2014

Finger healing process

A week before our AZ vacation I was sick with a cold or the flu or something. I was really sick, I had no voice and fever and the whole 9 yards.
So, I tried to take as much medication as I could, so I would not start my vacation sick as a dog. I ws drinking ginger and lemon tea, gargling with salt water, and taking fever reducing pills.
Well, here is where my problem started. Those damn pills. Have you ever tried taking a dayquil pill out of its pocket?
Those protective papers are so strong they seemed to be there to protect gold!
I tried opening the darn thing with my bare hands to no avail.
"Well,"I thought, "Fine. Let's see who's stronger here, stupid little thing." So I opened my kitchen drawer and grabbed a knife.
And I dug the knife into the pill pocket. I mean, I intended to dig the knife into the pill pocket. It slid on the pocket impenetrable protective paper and sliced my finger tip.

You know when you immediately realized you did something very - very stupid? hat was when I felt the blade burning through my skin. "You idiot!" That was my brain.

Hubby was right there on the other side of the kitchen doing something at the sink.

"Dean!!!" I screamed holding my finger in terror.

Not realizing the gravity of the situation, Dean, jokes, "What did you do?"

"Something really, really stupid."

I guess Dean figured out I had done something really really stupid when he saw me holding my finger with my eyes closed (afraid to see something very unpleasant), and the knife on the table.

So next thing you know, Dean is dropping everything on the floor on a desperate search for medicine - which I knew exactly where it was.

Meanwhile I had my finger under the running water. At this point I finally opened my eyes. Just to close them again after seeing blood gushing down my finger.

Well, it is all healed now. I took pictures through out the healing process, wondering if it would in fact ever heal. It did. But I will have a scar. A little story to tell my kids and grand kinds about how not to handle a knife.

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