Sunday, May 18, 2014

The nerd of today

This song from Brazil is very interesting:

"Today's nerd is tomorrow's rich guy
Today's nerd is tomorrow's gorgeous face
Today's nerd of today is tomorow's good husband"

Fact - not all nerds of today will go on to get rich, look gorgeous or be good husbands tomorrow, but they are those who have the most chances. Of course it takes more than just being a nerd - he has to have will power, perseverance and responsibility. But let's consider the odds of the other guys.

The guys who think they are awesome may even marry you and become fathers, but they will also have a bitch on every corner.

The guys who do not like to study and are not afraid of danger - the dare-devils that so impress young girls - they will either die young or end up in a little dead-end job, watching football over the weekend, with a six-pack of beer on their side.

Are you looking for a good future, honey? Try a nerd.

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