Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cell phone at the wedding

Recently I saw a video on Facebook that u might have seen too.

Bride and groom in the middle of their wedding. The priest there, talking about God and marriage, when the bride looks down, pulls a cell from her boobs, reads the message, puts the phone back in her boobs, and continues to look the priest.

Groom is still there - looking like a  total idiot.

Many people commented on that post. Everyone found it absurd.

But here I was thinking to myself - this video was made up. There is so much made-up stuff on Facebook? It is so easy to make these things up. Especially when the video camera is tightly focused on the bride and groom - only on them.

Think with me. What kind of a woman is this? On her big day (the wedding) all dressed in white (the dream of every girl's childhood). Marriage happens only once in life. Could it be that a woman dressed as a bride would do such an idiocy, on camera, as to bring out a cell from within her boobs?

Well, here we are - back from vacation. Missed weeks of my birthday and my vacation, but now I'm back - on this awful final game of the world cup that I do not want to watch.

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