Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why is everyone mad at facebook?

Facebook, social media, text messages - that's all young people do today! Why don't they talk more? People used to talk more!



Think about that for a sec. Today people sit on the bus with their iphones. 20 years ago they sat on the bus with their news papers. Have our habits really changed that much?
20 yearsw ago the only techonology kids used were mini games and game boys.

Today we have facebook and texting devices, and I have never communicated with my family as much as I do today.

Technology is just a tool and you can use it as an excuse to isolate yourself or to make yourself available to the world.

We might not be meeting lots of new people, but we find every sing second of our busy lives to stay in touch with people we care about.

But we actually are meeting new people. My husband has made friends all over the world by joining a group that does old style shaving.

Maybe the problem today is too much communication. No, I don't like when my husband takes me out on a date and chats away with his friends, but that is not a technology problem - it is a discipline problem.

I don't forget the times when I used to run off to the TV room with my soup just so I could watch TV. Instead of sitting on the table and talking with my grandma.

I do have one complaint. We are too quick to leave the media that we used so intensely just a few months ago.

We started with msn / aol/ yahoo chat rooms. They have been abandoned for facebook. Now people are slowing leaving behind facebook for the chat apps.

My msn never stopped ringing about 3 years ago. Today you can hear the crickets. I might as well delete the app.

I didn't know how long facebook will last, but I have a feeling eole will witch it for something else and forget about it eventually. And facebook owner will be smart to buy other technologies if he wants to stay on top.

My family today uses an app called What'sApp and we have free txt messages across country lines. We have never talked this much. And that is saying a lot bc my family loves to talk. So for us to beating our own record, hat is quite a feat.

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