Wednesday, July 15, 2015

People acting delusional

Why is everyone sounding way more excited than I am? People are delusional, I say. 

No, really. Sometimes I wish I hadn't said anything to anyone. 

I don't even think I was ready to break the news when I did. I was kind of forced into it. See, I was still trying to come to grips with the idea. I was absolutely not ready to say it aloud to any other human being (other than my husband). ... But the grapevine spreads rumors at the speed of light, so before the news got to certain people who should be hearing it from me, I had to go ahead and say it. 

Come on, people, don't you have anyone else to talk about? The Kardashians? Can you leave me alone until I fully understand what the hell I just did? I'll come out when I am good and ready.

But, really, what is it with people? I see a world of trouble ahead of me and they all got smiles on their faces.

They all got smiles and I'm going: "What was I thinking? Was I high or something? Was I temporarily insane when I CHOSE to have unprotected sex?"

I had everything I ever wanted from life - a good husband, great sex, awesome vacations to cool places around the world... Well, almost everything. I still don't have a house. And I still haven't met Paul McCartney. :( Well, he did blow me a hug from stage, but that's not the same as meeting him. I wanted to be up on stage. (Hear me, Paul? Next time I am holding up a poster, remember that! I want to hold your hand!!!!!)

So, yeah, I had almost everything, and our lives were going pretty darn well.But hey, baby, let's make a baby. Why? Bc just the two of us living happily and carefree ever after just isn't enough. (???) ... Because we agreed to it 6 years ago when we got married. (Really? Is that even a reason?)

Bottom line is, while everyone is going, "congratulations!" I'm here wondering, "Are they mocking me? They can't possibly mean that."

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