Sunday, July 05, 2015

Thirteenth day of captivity in Hanover, NH

July 5, 2015, Hanover, NH

Two days ago was our last dinner together.
Yesterday was our last lunch.
This morning, our last breakfast, last Master Class, lass drill session...

Right now, I am cleaning up my classroom. And waiting for the students to come for their exit interview.

Then there's graduation and goodbyes.

I will certainly miss this mad mix of languages. I feel like I never ended a hallway conversation in the same language I started it. I even spoke a bit of French!

It was also very unusual for me to speak Portuguese for so many hours out of the day - from 7am to 9pm.


This post should have been finished last week right here. ...

We had the graduation ceremony, where a student from each class gave a small speech in their own target language. Yes, it was very emotional. ... Why do people like to make me cry? Anyway, I didn't cry. ... I almost did. Everyone thanked John Rassias for having such an amazing view which led to this awesome program. Then ...

... Then it was time to leave. You know, just saying a bunch of goodbyes and wondering will we see each other again?

Well, whatever happens, our lives were intertwined for 2 weeks of fun and hard work. We all took something from the people we met and we all left something with them too. Our lives will never be the same again.

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