Saturday, February 20, 2016

Woman's Rights?

It really bugs me that the phrase "women's rights" is used by most pro-choice people to mean "abortion". I think it's a very dishonest way to approach the discussion. All abortion really is a human being killing another human being (who happens to be inside a human being's body). 

So it's not about a woman's right over her body. It's about when it's okay to take someone's life. 

I think you can't discuss this matter honestly if you don't call it what it is. 

Is it right to kill an unborn human being under certain circumstances? If so, what circumstances should those be? I am willing to discuss that, as I am willing to discuss any matter that involves life or death, because there are plenty of situations in which one must die for the sake of another.

But I am only willing to discuss that once we establish that abortion is about taking away a human being's life.

Most times I hear people talking about abortion as a woman's right it usually involves very selfish motives. "It's not the right time", or "the condom failed", or "I don't want kids", or "what kind of life will this child have?"... So are these legitimate motives to take away a life.

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