Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Grandma's song

"Oh, beautiful moon, if you were not married..." how does the song go again?
Grandma used to sing that song when I was little. Tonight when I saw the moon, dazzling, huge, and orange in the dark sky, those words came back to mind.
"... if you were not married..." [who is she married to? Saint George?] "... I'd make up a ladder to go up there and kiss you." Yeah, maybe I should try that some time. When St. George isn't looking.


Annika said...

No, I'm afraid I weren't confident enough to do this. I haven't got very nice ones, too :-P !
But good that i didn't: I finally had to stay a while because our teachers now want us to work on our own if they are ill...
Ain't that nice?

Annika said...

So you weren't in Brazil for a while? Where have you been, then? In Britain or USA?