Thursday, October 13, 2005

She's given up talking

That's a Paul McCartney song. From his latest CD.

I am watching a movie that reminded me of this song. It's called "The Quiet Room" about a girl who gives up talking because of her parents divorce. Throughout the movie her speech is in her mind. It is so interesting.

Reminded me of myself. My aunt says it was as if I lived in another world. Maybe that is why I grew up to be so different from everyone.

Unfortunately since I've learned to talk, I won't stop. I wish I would. So people would know when I am hurting.

"Even to cut off your own negative points can be dangerous. ONe never knows which of the negative points is the one on the basis of the whole building." Clarice Lispector


Annika said...

Sometimes I'd also like to make people see how I feel... but on the other hand, sometimes it's better if people can't see that you feel bad - some of them just don't have to know it.

SimplyVee said...

Wouldn't life be easier though, if we were more transparent about our feelings? At least we'd be more authentic, instead of making a living hiding behind our masks.