Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the terminal

I had heard of it being a good movie. So it was on@ HBO, and I watched it. (Man, it is so great having HBO!)

In the end I found out who directed the movie - Steven Spielberg.

There was a time in which I knew every single movie Spielberg had ever put his finger in. When did that stop? When did I stop having a life?

Anyway, finding out that it was a Spielberg movie explained a lot. The movie has a sensitive and funny story that appeals a lot to your emotions, and an unavoidable happy ending that makes you want to cry because it deals with those sacred concepts of home and family. But in a sort of manipulatively naive tone.

Unfortunatley I think I have already been doing so much home/family crying of my own, that movies like that don't seem to make me cry aymore. MOvies have too be much deeper than a Spielberg sentimentaloid flick to make me cry. I don't think I still believe in happy endings.

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