Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abbey Road Brasileira - us - young, free and irresponsible

left to right:


Us - Beta, Lua and I - the Die Hard Trio. Someone decided to call Us that because Us were always together. Up and down the city. Laughing & crying, fighting & making up. Us. Always together. Always Us.

And we did lots of crazy stuff together.

Some of them were caught on camera:

  • Us laying on the floor of the parking garage at the mall.

  • Us on the crosswalk “a la Abbey Road”. Just that we were dancing and jumping, instead of calmly crossing like John, Paul, George and Ringo.

  • Us swinging from the lamp post in front of McDonald's.

  • Us holding the covers of all our Beatles CDs.

  • Us throwing eggs on my head to celebrate my b-day.

  • Us sleeping over at my aunt's.

  • Us doing group hug.

  • Us at my wedding.

Lots of crazy stuff we did together were never caught on camera:

  • Us crying on each other's shoulder every time a boyfriend did not work out.

  • Us making plans to live together and eat Ramen Noodles for ever.

  • Us making plans of world domination.

  • Us yelling at each other for never getting a chance to say anything.

  • Us yelling at each other for being late for our meeting at the mall.

  • Us screaming at the TV while we watched an old Beatles TV show.

  • Us being loud and messy on the bus.

  • Us growing apart and growing closer again.

  • Us saying we were sorry.

  • Us telling secrets that we won't even tell our moms.

Us. Always Us.

I miss Us.

I miss having friends like Us.

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