Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No carbs? No way!

Well, yes, way! Dean and I are not eating any carbs for the whole month of January. Do I think it is a healthy diet? Absolutely not! It's amazing the number of things that you must consume in a healthy diet that are high on carbs, and if you are in a low carb diet, they are definitely no-nos. It really is not a diet you want to be on as a regular life style it is an emergency diet for dire needs of losing weight. It worked once when I had to fit in this specific dress to go to a certain wedding. And if it worked once it will work twice, right? Well, that's what we will see... I hope we drop a few pounds, and from then on all we have to do is keep it. How do you keep this idiotic diet? it's the hardest thing to do. As soon as someone tells you that you can not have something, don't you crave it like hell? I don't know how we are keeping it, but it has been 9 days... 22 to go. Actually, I guess I know how we are keeping it... I am cooking yummy stuff. Modesty aside, I am a pretty good cook. I am not very good at baking... so if you ask me to make cookies or cakes, I will tell you to go find something better to do other than make my life miserable... But I cook yummy meals, and the more I learn from recipes, the more I can just make up on my on. I like to boil vegetables on olive oil, starting with fresh crushed garlic and sliced onions. So I am adding a lot of low carb veggies such as broccoli, celery, cauli flower, peppers and spinach... Cheese and milk based sauces are also a must... Dean and I LOVE cheese with all capital letters! So cheese is a big one. Then eggs. And then of course your carb free protein, which is meat... meat, meat, meat... This will kill my vegetarian friends, so... sorry, guys, but I am a meat eater and I loh-vit! These days with no carbs have actually given me ideas on how to follow a healthy meat calendar. I decided I will follow a seven-day pattern: fish, pork, shell fish, ground meat, poultry, beef, sausage. I will follow this calendar even after we set ourselves free from this absurdly retarded diet. Yes, I used the word retarded even though I teach in the public school system... Go ahead! Crucify me! It sounds like it has been working except for the fact that I crave crackers and chips and toast and... oh, dear, oh dear, Chocolate!!!!! If I understand correctly, the way this thing work is kind of like this: your body majorly uses the carbs you consume every day to keep things going on a regular basis. The carbs that don't get used get stored... that's how we gain weight. They get stored for hard times in which your body might not have any sort of abundance of food. When you deprive yourself from carbs, your body goes like, "geez louise! time to get some from the storage!" then it starts using up the carbs that it had stored for later emergencial times. That's how come you lose weight. Your body literally thinks it must work in emergency mode. Well, this is just what I learned... If you want a specialist's opinion go ask a doctor or a nutritionist... Don't take my word for it. And by the day, if you follow my diet and you get sick or die... that's totally your problem. HUAHUAHAUHUA! As I said before, you want a specialist, don't read my blog, go talk to a person who went to school for it. Now, when February comes, We will break our diet slowly. Otherwise we ruin everything! For instance, right after I was able to fit in that dress, I gained twice as much, because I basically ate all the pasta I hadn't eaten all that time to the square power. So we will ease ourselves back into carb life... or real life if you will. Freedom, I say. Freedom.

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