Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tith for children

I was thinking about the whole idea of tithing and how to teach children to tith. The idea of practicing tithing is one reason why I am inclined to think children should receive some sort of an allowance. I say I am inclined to think that, because, I usually say that children should not be paid for housework, because, after all, it is their house, and they have the same responsibility to keep it as everyone in the house. But don't housewives often get paid an allowance from their husbands? And don't we say that taking care of the house is a full time job? Why can't the other members of the family get their allowances for doing the same job as well? I am thinking that children should have a way of having their own money, money they've worked for, so that they can learn how to administer it.

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