Sunday, August 26, 2012

Heights and coasters

Ok, so I am a wimp, ok! Yes, I am afraid of heights, darn it! I admit it!
Dean and I love to find new places to go for a walk and this other day we followed the train tracks to a bridge. 
He asked me to walk over the ridge with him. I said yes, of course! But, as soon as I looked down, I began hyperventilating. He was already halfway through to the other side, and here I was, looking down, petrified, hyperventilating.
He laughed at me.
Wait ... HE LAUGHED AT ME??? NO ONE LAUGHS AT VIKA!!! ... Well, except for her husband.

Now, wait a minute, you ask, how does a roller coaster fan is afraid of heights? Simple, very simple, my friend – Fear excites me as long as I know I can't get hurt. People don't plunge to their deaths while riding roller coasters. Except, of course, in the case of that girl at the Hopi Hari park, who was ejected from a defective seat of one of those shoot-up tower rides. But, think with me, if there is a chance of a ride seat being defective and killing,, how much greater are the chances that, while walking on abandoned train trail bridges, a quarter mile above a river, you will step on with missing parts and rotting wood and fall to your death!

You know when they say in the movies, “don't look down!” and someone does look down? And then they fall and die, don't they! Well, I will bet you a million dollars that would be me:
“Vika, don't look down!”
And, on my gravestone, one will read, “Her last word was 'What?'”

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