Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I love about about people on TV

You know those times when you're sitting down watching your TV show or movie and then the people in the screen do something that you go like - that only freaking happens on TV!!! 

Yeah, TV people are funny. They do things that no one in real life does! I am not talking about time traveling or flying with a cape on, or jumping off a cliff on a motorcycle and make your way into a flying airplane. No, because, when you watch a fiction story, you sort of expect those things to happen. I am talking about daily things that they do that makes no sense whatsoever. Only on TV. I'm talking about things that look normal, but, well, aren't. 

Usually they have to do with sex, but not always. I'd say don't read this if you are underage, but hey, you've seen this on TV, so go ahead and read for fun... just don't try it at home ...

Here is a few examples:

Example #1 – A couple went to bed last night and they made love. Then they fell asleep. It's morning and they get up from bed - they have clothes on! Whoa! Did they master the art of having sex with underwear on or the art of changing back into exactly what they had on the night before under the covers without anyone noticing the commotion?

Example #2 – A couple wakes up in the morning and starts kissing passionately … without brushing their teeth!!! What is wrong with this picture? Well, unless I am the only weirdo who suffers from morning breath and does not wish to share with my husband, they either secretly sucked on breath savers right before they opened their eyes or they have a strange addition to nasty tasting kisses.

Example #3 – NOT A SEX ONE! When a person is being chased inside their house they run upstairs. Because the safest place to be when fleeing a maniac is cornered at the top of a tower.

Example #4 – Another one on waking up in the morning. Everyone wakes up perfectly made up, shaved and with their hair done. I want the number of their hair salon.

Example #5 - Nothing ever possibly goes wrong before wild sex. Nothing! The clothes come out like butter. Hair is always lose but it doesn't accidentally end up on partner's mouth. No one goes like... I haven't showered today yet.

If you think of more of this stuff, (again, it doesn't have to be about sex scenes...), send it over the comments. I would love to hear your TV insights.

See you next week!

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